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Jamacan me crazy


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Some things about the new version 2.02 that I love, and some that just drive me crazy... to the point where I want to rip it out and shred it. No offense :)


Malicious website blocked "popups"... by the hundreds. And it seems my only choice is to "exclude" the site from being blocked. Seems that design is a major fail considering what the program is supposed to be doing. Where is the option that says "yeah yeah yeah, alright already, enough is enough... just keep blocking it and stop telling me about it"????????


Even better, where is the option that says "holy mother, don't even BOTHER telling me, just block the dang things and log it... if I want to know I can look later?


More so, where are the logs of whats been blocked? If I'm away from the keyboard, and a few things get stopped... how am I supposed to know what a great job this program is doing?


Also, while I "get" the 'update before scan' stuff (because some people are just really really stupid), where is the option that says "hey, I'm actually a really smart person, I just updated my database yesterday or 2 hours ago, I don't really need you to sit there and wait for an update, so please just scan" ?? In other words, where is the option to "bypass updates before scans"? :)


I'm hoping an update is released soon that will address these issues.

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Go to HISTORY > APPLICATION LOGS and look for PROTECTION LOGS for what IPs were blocked specifically.


If you do a on-the-fly-scan, you can tell the program to SKIP UPDATES, but it doesn't give you very long to do that.


On the rest of it, you're right.  The program is talkative.


DO NOT exclude IP addresses, even though you get tired of seeing the notifications.  We need to be less talkative, but excluding them leaves you more vulnerable. You don't want that, and neither do we.

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Ah yes.. thanks for the log tip. My bad, I was ... "expecting" ... to see a list of entries instead of seeing a file that had a list of entries. Perhaps a bit spoiled by other programs I use. :)


As a professional programmer with 3 decades of experience, I tend to just automatically think of ways to express data, and features that make a program configurable. I look at it like "this is my computer, I want to run it the way I want to, not the way someone else thinks I should". Note, I'm not trying to imply MAB is junk or badly designed. I've been a fan for a LONG time.


I totally get that some people want "oh my god make it simple for people like me". Yet as a developer, I also want options to make it work my way.


The current design of popup blocks, is just simply a design failure though. It really NEEDS that configuration option, either as a generic "please just log it and never bother me", or as a "oh, this is a new ip that has not been recorded before, here's one notice... keep asking or keep blocking and don't tell me" kind of thing. The later would of course, require a lot more design work, and a list of IP's that have been "notified" before, and then blocked.


In this aspect, I could easily be happy with a generic "dont tell me" for popups. it would be really awesome if the main screen would ALSO show some stats... such as "sites/ip's blocked today" or "this session" or "past week" or... you know.. whatever works. Those stats would be easy to track and record. Maybe even a calendar type function, that would give stats on the day selected... There are SO many ways little things like this, would add in some really powerful features.


And people love features. :)


Thanks kindly for the reply.

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