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update install path, some confusion

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Today I attempted to manually update Malwarebytes.
The update install wizard suggested C:\Program Files

But my existing Malwarebytes is in my preferred folder C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes

When I browsed to C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes the install wizard appended \Malwarebytes Anti Malware sub folder
ie, C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti Malware"

BUT my existing Malwarebytes folder is "C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes"

Is this (first time) \Malwarebytes Anti Malware  folder a new protocol ?

If I accept the "C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti Malware" path ... I will have two(?) versions of MB

If I force my existing C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes ... I am concerned at the possible sabotage of MB, with all the existing program files in C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes.

This is an UPDATE !

Should I uninstall my current MB ?

I see no logic in adding another sub-folder to the path ... C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti Malware"
- (or are MB assuming I will be adding other MB programs to my PC ?)

I would prefer either ...
   ... OR ...
   C:\Programs2\Malwarebytes Anti Malware

Would appreciate some guidance thank you :)

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Hello bawldiggle:


Most frequently authors/developers of Windows applications will adhere to the practice of using Microsoft Windows specified Environment Variables Paths while writing their source code. Just a scant few of those Environment Variable Paths are:

  • %COMMONPROGRAMFILES% C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • %COMMONPROGRAMFILES(x86)% C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
  • %PROGRAMFILES% C:\Program Files
  • %PROGRAMFILES(X86)% C:\Program Files (x86) (only in 64-bit version)
As you've no doubt noticed, no accommodations are made for "Programs2" unless changes are made within the Windows Operating System to accept your customized directory pathname. The Windows "path" command would need to be used to anticipate your system modification and is not likely to be recommended for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware by its developers.

Please uninstall/re-install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware accepting the default install path for correct and supported operation.

Thank you.

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Thank you 1PW for your response :)
My apologies for the delay, I have been away on business
Before I do anything I have one concern.
Each time I run the current Malwarebytes (now, after abandoning the recent update) ... the first thing I get is an alert to update.
-  in the meantime I am trusting VirusTotal > Malwarebytes to do "its job"
I started  this thread AFTER starting the update (and abandoned within the Install wizard).
So I presume update files were downloaded onto my PC.
Where would I find those downloaded files, and what would I need to do to remove the "update" nag (if it is not stored in my current installation folder.)
I want to clean-install Malwarebytes, as you advised.  I have downloaded the Malwarebytes uninstaller but I doubt it will hunt for the downloaded update files.
I do not like leaving leftovers on my PC
I would appreciate your expert help ... thank you :)

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Hello bawldiggle:


Revo Uninstaller may be helpful for the original install. 


mbam-clean- may be only be partially useful but it's quite doubtful your system's specifics were ever tested.


Not knowing your system specifics forbids authoritative answers to your questions.


One possible avenue to proper operation would be system restoration using your last full system backup before the installation in question..

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Hi 1PW
I always use Revouninstaller ... (MS "Add Remove Programs" is rather weak.)
-  followed by CCleaner scan (never a blanket "remove") ...  and a tedious one-by-one cross check of all items
-  unsure items I white-listed in CCleaner

mbam-clean- may be only be partially useful but it's quite doubtful your system's specifics were ever tested.

Q1: mbam-clean- is not as thorough as Revouninstaller ?
Q2: Do you mean live Malwarebytes monitors installs ? ... or what is the "tested" about ?

~~ system restoration ~~

:blush: :blush:
My system restores are hap-hazard .. mostly generated by CCleaner ... and occasionally manually.
For every CCleaner scan, it prompts to create a RestorePoint.  The last time I used CCleaner I spent 2 days (a weekend) cross-checking and deleting "dead-stuff"

SO... my RPs are unreliable because of changes since the last .... experiments
For the past 19 months when self-employed time permits, I have been researching and documenting ...
... Imaging , SandBoxie, restore-points, OS clean installs  ... etc ...
I run a very busy consulting practice (6 of us) so up until late 2012 PC health was not on my agenda.

What happened in 2012? Recovering from cancer and using the PC to retrain damaged brain cells. A wake-up call in more ways than one !

Thank you 1PW ... I do appreciate your help :)

Toshiba Satellite C665
Free Malwarebytes
Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit), sp1 (Build 7601) OEM
UI:=Classic Shell Start + Classic Explorer
Windows Indexing = disabled

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Hello bawldiggle:


Q1: mbam-clean- is not as thorough as Revouninstaller ?


Just the opposite. If MBAM and MS Windows perform a default installation, then using the mbam-clean- utility for the subsequent uninstall and clean-up is likely hard to beat leaving Revo Uninstaller efforts un-necessary.


Even without access to the source code, I fear that the mbam-clean- utility might not make the same clean removal from a non-standard installation. Then, theoretically, Revo Uninstaller might be helpful in your case. But that is an unknown.


I didn't mention, nor did I mean to imply using System Restore Points (SRP). Instead I meant using the complete restoration process only available from using full system backups. That process would be one of the more likely to return your computer to a know clean state.


Q2: Do you mean live Malwarebytes monitors installs ? ... or what is the "tested" about ?


No, it does not. My doubts are that the mbam-clean- utility will not have been tested with a non-standard installation, exactly like yours.


Please do your best to clean all vestiges of the previous non-standard installation, and with an MBAM installation to the MS Windows default location, we will be able to assist you with future issues.


Thank you. :)

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Thanks 1PW for the clarifications :)


I will now uninstall Malwarebytes with Revouninstaller >> reboot >> scan with CCleaner and verify each item before deleting >> ...

Reboot >> install Malwarebytes to the default folder as suggested by MB install wizard.


Thanks again for your patience and support :)




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Hello bawldiggle:


Please do not neglect to run the mbam-clean- utility after Revo Uninstaller.


FYI - we only approve of the use of Piriform's CCleaner for the clean-up of potentially unwanted files and never for registry clean-up.


Best wishes to you.

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