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Malwarebytes won't run

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Hello again sng119,


I've got some bad news.  The crash dump you have given us doesn't seem to have information we need.  I will need you to do the following for me:

  1. Open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM).
  2. Click on the "Update Now" button on the dashboard.
  3. Wait for MBAM to crash (Show the "A problem has caused the program to stop working").
  4. Take a screenshot or copy the information from this window.
  5. You may need to click on "View Details" in order to see this information.  It should be on the bottom left of that window.
  6. See example: Var0h.png
  7. Open Windows Task Manager (Press CTRL + ALT + Esc)
  8. Click on the Details Tab in Task Manager.
  9. Locate the process that crashed from the error window (In this case it should be MBAM.exe).
  10. Right click on that process and select "Create Dump File" post-119961-0-12385300-1407953508_thumb.
  11. The file location will be displayed for that memory dump.
  12. Please upload that memory dump in the same box.com location I've given you in the past.


Please let me know if there are any problems or if the instructions are unclear.

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Ok cool!! Thanks.  Now I'll clean these files, downloads and scanners off of my computer.  I'm definitely buying another laptop next week because of how slow and laggy this one is.  It literally takes 20 seconds or longer for the right click menu to pop up once I've right clicked on the desktop.  Alt ctrl delete doesn't even do anything at this point.  My bad, it actually does give an error message after 30 seconds or so saying something about how much it sucks, etc.  So yeah, time for a new cpu!  Have a great day

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