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Is there a free version or just a free trial version?

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Hi again,


I am trying to find the download for the free anti-malware version to try with the Secure Backup.  But, I keep ending up with a trial verison of the premium anti-malware.


is there such a thing as an actual free version of this software? And will you please guide me to the correct download? 


thank you

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The trial version of MBAM Premium is enabled by default during the installation, unless the user opts out.


If  you now have the Trial version and you want to revert to the Free version, there are 4 options, any of which will work:

  1. Allow the  trial to expire in 14 days;
  2. Click the "End Trial" popup notification;
  3. Click the "End Free Trial" link in the GUI;
  4. Perform a clean reinstall, using the method described here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x - be sure to "opt out" (remove the check mark from) the Free trial, if it is offered again during the installation wizard.

I hope this helps,



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Free, trial and premium are all the same download.  When you installed the program, the installer asked if you wanted to run the 14-day free trial, and you said yes.  Refer to the following link (its part of the User Guide) and look for the picture of the program screen...




The last line in the white section says "Real-Time Protection" and all the way over to the right (in blue) are the words "End Free Trial".  Click on those words and you will return to the free version.


PLEASE NOTE that running the free version cannot proactively protect you from malware.  It can only run scans WHEN YOU TELL IT TO.  There's no scan schedule, and if malware does damage your computer before you run the scan, there is no assurance that Malwarebytes can fix the damage after the fact.  I'm not trying to sell you the software, but I am telling you the biggest reason why people buy it.


I hope this answers your question.

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You know, I'm just feeling tricked here.  The page for the backup software goes on an on about how you will save your data that will be clean of malware.  Unless you're looking for all this small print.  Then you try to download a free version, and all this business happens.  You keep getting all these warnings about the free trial version ending.  Anyway, it shouldn't be this hard.  I've spend a ton of time downloading, uninstallling, reinstalling, asking questions on this forum, only to find out I need to learn more stuff.


I'm just an old lady trying to protect an old computer. I am not willing to spend anymore time on this .  I'm uninstalling everying and calling it a day.  And because of all of this, I've decided not to buy the anti-malware premium, which I had initially intended to do, until I got the popup about the backup that included anti-malware!  Wrong!


I give up on you all.

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I just went to the Secure Backup page to see if there was anything confusing.  Right under the BUY NOW button, the page says that Anti-Malware is not included and must be downloaded separately.  In the "Stuff Happens" section, the second paragraph says that files to be backed up will be scanned using Anti-Malware.  So far, so good.  The "Features" section makes it confusing (I agree with you here) because the first feature listed is Anti-Malware.  That implies its part of it and not separate.  I will bring this to people's attention on Monday and try to get absolute clarification.  

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