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Updated Malware bytes to the newer version-suddenly blue screen crashes and slow run time. Any Help?

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Hi all,

 I've been using Malware bytes as my primary source of anti-malware/ anti-virus other than Windows security essentials for several years. My initial problems started when I was attempting to update Malware bytes since I hadn't scanned in a few weeks. Upon initial attempt malware bytes froze and closed itself, I attempted to update multiple times to no avail. At this point I attempted to run the MBAM chameleon as I had been instructed in the past when I had a potential rootkit virus that wouldn't allow me to open MBAM at all. A great guy from this forum helped me through all those issues about a year ago, and the system has been running fine since then, up until about two weeks ago. Originally the issue appeared to me that it may have been a space issue on my hard disk causing lag and slow boot time, however then when MBAM would not update I ran the chameleon which did allow the program to take over- open and update; however, now I'm receiving blue screen crashes about once a day. Only happened once while I was attempting to navigate the system. The computer seems to operate "okay" as far as simple docs, surfing the web and other simple tasks without any real issues or lag, the main times there appears to be issues is when the computer is left open to run a deep scan, say overnight. Each morning the computer is frozen in a sleep state, having to shutdown by power button, then try to reopen normally in order to find the issue. Mini dump logs have been located but I was unable to open them(?) for whatever reason. I don't know a whole lot about IT but through the help of this website and forum and my little understanding I have been able to "service" my system for the most part in the past. At this point I feel sort of lost as to what to do but was hoping, in reading some other posts that maybe my issue lies in the malwarebytes updated version. I understand the great effort you all take to insure proper explanations and debugging operations. I would be most greatful to receive some one on one help, in hopes to get my system back in shape. From the information I read, I was unable to understand which three scans and logs I needed to upload initially.


Thanks in advance for all the moderators hard work on this site and forum!!

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Welcome back.
BSOD is usually caused by hardware problems, driver issues (e.g. conflicts), or even some severe infections (rootkits).
The tools needed to diagnose and attempt to repair the damage cannot be used in this particular section of the forum.
However, free, one-on-one, expert help is available either in the special, dedicated area of the forum, or at the help desk.
So, I suggest that you please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will assist you with looking into your issue, with clearing the infections, and with attempting to repair the damage.


Once you open a new topic in the malware removal section, or at the help desk, please be patient -- both venues are quite busy and it may be 48 hours or so before someone is available.  A helper will provide assistance as soon as possible.


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I see, thanks for clearing that up, originally, i was confused as to where to post my topic so upon reading from another users accounts of malwarebytes update problems "If others need help, open new topic in this forum following post of diagnostic logs". Sorry for my ignorance, Do I repost my original draft to the section you hyperlinked above^?

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It's not a problem. :)


Please start with following the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

Then, please start a new, separate post (including the requested logs) in the malware removal section, or at the help desk.


Yes, if you wish, please include a reference back to this topic, in order to give your helper a head start: :)



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