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PUPOptional.FrostwireTB.A. Malware Detection

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This morning at work I found that our Malware bytes found 18 potential threats associated with 'PUPOptional.FrostwireTB.A threat.  The files associated with this threat is from a program 'Ask.com'

affecting the registry keys.  I am unable to remove Ask.com from the uninstall programs in the control panel as I do not have administrator rights to install or uninstall any programs as this is a office computer (administrator is away on holidays). I have a few questions that hopefully someone may be able to answer for me:


1)  From the control panel in programs I see that Ask.com was installed on our system Sunday February 19, 2012 (2 years ago), I have never worked on a Sunday and as indicated do not have administrator rights to install programs, this may have been done by admin while running other updates such as QuickBooks, java, adobe and AVG?  I run Malware bytes often and admin as recent as 2 weeks ago updated Malware bytes and have not received notices of this type of threat or any threat until now, could this be because Malware bytes has recently updates this threat and giving reason why this is being detected now or could this be because we just updated a couple of weeks ago?  I understand Java may be the culprit when one runs updates or installs Java?


2)  Would any of the program updates for either QuickBooks, java, adobe or AVG have the option to install the Ask.com toolbar when updating and without notice the admin did not click off a box that gives the option not to install ask.com?  I am trying to narrow this down to how we even acquired the ask.com toolbar.


3)  Are the PUPOptional.FrostWire TBA malware associated with Java if ask.com is installed?  I understand a open candy adware is associated with ask.com toolbar (comes bundled as part of various other applications) which is the cause for this potential threat being PUPOPtional.FrostWireTB.A, would this be right?


4)  If the above is correct are there any threats at this time to our computer system at the office?  as I mentioned admin is away on holidays.


Your attention to this concern is greatly appreciated.






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I had this same identical issue on 7 July and posted on that date. It only appeared on the 7th July as I update my Premium version daily and my settings automatically scan daily.

These items did not show on the hyper scan however became evident on the threat scan. 33 items in my case.

Unfortunately the topic was closed before I could respond to it.

I have since emailed a support request and await a response.

I too have quarantined all items in the meantime.

I'll follow this posting



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