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Recommend me a free, safe program to check drivers for all my pc components?


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Hi Daaboul,


I use this one https://secunia.com/products/consumer/  It work well for me and it's free.  Also if there is any software on you system not coverered by Secunia, there is a clickable button in the program to let them know, and it will be included within 24 hour (I have already done this myself).


I hope this helps.


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It is NOT needed.


Unless there is a specific problem with a specific hardware, you go to the manuafacturer or vendor and get the driver directly from them.


I suggest NO 3rd party Driver Downloader software.


Now if you are looking at software, not "drivers" then Secunia will indeed check to see if they are updated in relation to known vulnerabilities.  That is in keeping with good Information Assurance practices.

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ditto ...

those "let-us-update-yer-software__trust-us-we're-cool" programs are a royal pain .

they do not always know what is correct , nor are they always *up front* .


remember : "there are no free lunches" ; someone , somehow and in someway is paying for something .

usually one can substitute their own name in lieu of "someone" .


many of those programs are a good way to actually install an infection vector in your/a machine .

sort of like showing the fox that you have left the chicken coop door unlocked .

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