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PLEASE make troubleshooting easier

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Dear Malwarebytes developers and user experience professionals,


PLEASE take some serious effort to make the program easier to use and troubleshoot.  I simply do not have hours of free time to try and troubleshoot why the program flounders with the "your databases are out of date" messages.  Following a multistep process that spans multiple forum posts and involves downloading, rebooting, and installing multiple support programs simply does not cut it.


If you want me to send my logs for troubleshooting, there needs to be a checkbox on the advanced tab that say "export logs to file location".  If I check it, I have my logs and I can post them in the forum.  Simple.  I do not have time and am not willing to download some random .exe file that will capture logs.  The whole point of malwarebytes is to protect against random/unknown programs acting on my computer.  Downloading and installing more is counter intuitive. 


If I need to uninstall and reinstall the program to attempt to fix the issue, I should be able to do this using the windows 7 utilities or the "uninstall malwarebytes" program that installs with the program.  Do not require the end user to install additional executable to do thiis.  Same issue as before.


In a nutshell, yikes.



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