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MBAM suddenly not updating

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Just ran into a brand new problem with malwarebytes 2.0 


It is saying the database is out of date. V2014.07.09.13


So I am attempting to do an update, it does its thing and goes back to saying its out of date. 


I am really starting to dislike this new version. I keep running into weird bugs. Sure some of them probably got fixed by now. But at least with 1.75 it was stable with no issues for me. 

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I had the same problem same database number. Last scan was at 6:05 pm but the database was from yesterday.


Complete uninstall, reboot, run Mbam cleaner, reboot, install, activate, update database, run first scan, setup exclusions, setup scheduled scans and updates...So far so good.

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I just got that Databases Are Out of Date box again. So, I did click on it, and it seems to have updated it to  2014.7.10.9    I thought it may have been a glitch in the system or the company's problem. I first thought it may have been my computer,then i saw the posts on here so i knew it wasn't on my end. Whatever it was,may have been repaired. This is the first time I've had a problem with this new version. Hopefully it is the last. Thank you everyone for posting. Take care. ~ Helen

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Well its back at it again. every time I turn the computer on, it always says its out of date and never updates automatically. This has been a persistant bug for some time now, from version to version. 


I finally fixed it. Rolled back to 1.75 and I am NOT moving.... 

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