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I noticed that just about every time I start up or resume my computing sessions, desktop and laptop, the Malwarebytes system tray popup is there first thing, telling me something or other is out of date, with a big bright green button to click to rectify the situation.  But I thought the software is supposed to just work on its own, in the background!!  :-\


I have the lifetime version, so it's the new Premium Malwarebytes that I have, but it's the old lifetime license -- actually, I purchased a license each for my desktop and laptop -- so I don't think I should have to manually deal with this every day like I have the free version.  Please advise!

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There are many types of notifications from MBAM version 2.


So, just to be sure I understand what you're describing, the popup is for "Databases Out of Date"?

Can you please post a screenshot of the main program dashboard?

(That would help us to provide more specific advice about how to resolve this.)







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Yes, sorry, it's the "databases out of date" notification...I would've thought Malwarebytes Premium updates on its own....


Also, another weird thing I forgot to mention: even though clicking on the "update now" (or whatever the bright green button's text actually is) that popup keeps popping back up!  I have to click it at least three times, and sometimes up to ten times before it finally goes away!!

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Yes, if it's properly set up and working correctly, it will update automatically and silently. :)
There are many possible reasons for update failures.
They have somewhat different solutions.
That's why I had asked for a screenshot of the main GUI ("dashboard") -- the information there would help to point us to the solution best suited to your specific issue. ;)
Without that information, let's try some routine troubleshooting, please.

A couple of easy things to check:

>>First, please be sure your system date/time are correct.

>>Then, please be sure that your AV and firewall both give MBAM full permissions. It's possible that your AV or firewall might be treating the new build as a new program and may be blocking it -- the files that need to be excluded can be found HERE. Please post back if you need help with that.
>>Also, please check to be sure there are no "Detected Threats" that need to be dealt with first, as this can prevent the program from updating: Click the "Scan" button at the top of the dashboard and verify that there are no detected threats (especially PUPs or PUMs) awaiting your actions.

>> Finally, you might want to start with the advice in this pinned topic >>HERE<< -- we don't have enough info to know if it will work for you (but it won't hurt).

If those suggestions don't resolve your issue:


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