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Why does Malwarebytes Take so loong to scan

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I have ask this before and got no real help from it.


This problem goes for just about every system I clean


I use Malwarebytes then show all my customers how to click and buy it as it does a great job


Since version 2 came out it is Extremely SLOW in scanning and will usually freeze when its just about finished .

the progress bar continues moving across and the circle around Threats moves so program is not really froze


Right now I have two laptops that I scanned with the latest version, one I had to cancel after 56 minutes ( and by the way the cancel button DOES not work) it will say cancelling but you have to use task manager to end process


This one went twice to around 1 hour and found 289 infections.


I uninstalled and installed 1.75 version and had to continue cancel it to stop it from installing 2.0 version


But it updated and finished in 11 minutes and found 287 infections  The other two from the 2.0 I manually deleted via registry


I have another laptop Both windows 7 scanning now and its been going for 1 hour and 47 minutes and it is in Trial mode and deleted 91 infections but its still going


I guess my main question as I ask before is WHY does it take 2.0 so long to scan vice 1.75 and both find the same thing?  Maybe a code mismatch somewhere?





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  • Root Admin

Hi Bill,

Unfortunately there is no single best answer. The new 2.0 does all types of threat scans that the older 1.75 does not do and it could simply be that something on the system is conflicting with the new 2.0 program. Often if that is the case an MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x may fix that.

Time taken to scan is due to a many factors, some which can be dealt with and others not as easily.

These include:

Size of disk

Disk type

Disk speed

Disk caching

CPU speed

Controller type and speed

Operating System used

Amount of files (including temp files!)

Amount of folders

Amount of archived files such as zip, rar, sfx, etc. (if this is enabled)

Rootkit scan or not (if this is enabled)

PUM/PUP scans

Other security programs running at the same time that may potentially be monitoring all file accesses by any other process.

Drive integrity - if a drive is failing it can take a long time to ignore and bypass sectors on a disk or simply fail period and hang the scan.

Other ongoing disk I/O processes

System being infected can also affect speed of scans

Also note that changes in the MBAM database can also cause scan times to increase or decrease, so that's another factor to consider.

Sometimes a conflict with your antivirus may be possible as well. You may want to try adding exclusions in your AV - the files that need to be excluded can be found HERE.

(Sometimes slowdowns are not due to conflicts between MBAM and the AV, per se, but rather to older hardware, insufficient RAM, cluttered disks, excessively tight security settings, etc.)

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