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Can Malwarebytes prevent a browser frombeing hijacked

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I have been infested with Tuvaro malware and I can't get rid of it. I downloaded Malwarebytes hoping to get rid of it but so far it hasn't. It attaches this www-search.net URL to all shortcuts for my browsers and they go there when I click them instead of the default that I have chosen. I don't get the toolbar thank goodness but still it prevents me from using my browsers the way I want.



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Hello p3aul and :welcome:

Malware removal actions are not permitted in this sub-forum.

I recommend following the advice from the topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and have one of the Malware Removal Experts assist you with your issue.

If, as recommended, you do open a topic in Malware Removal Help, please make reference to this thread.

Thank you. :)

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Thank You Net Nanny! Forget it I was going to buy MWB in a couple of days but If I have to go through all that rig-ama-role to get MWB forum to answer my question It's obvious to me that MWB can't do it i will try another. Seems like MWB is just another scammer!

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That's your loss.  And too bad for not taking advantage of the free help here.


We update MBAM as many as a dozen times per day and are always researching and adding new detection and removal routines to the database.
Our research team is constantly analyzing and reviewing new infections for inclusion into our database. With the prevalence of new variants and infections the staff is working around the clock.
All security programs will still not be able to catch Everything at some point, this is a given known fact and is the main reason why security professionals across the globe strongly advocate a 'layered' approach to security:

Dedicated antivirus

Dedicated antimalware

Third party firewalls

Additionally, users should also always practice safe computing by doing the steps below:
1-Always back up data, both locally(on your system) and on either an external drive or on the cloud, all three for those who are super cautious

2-Make Windows back up disks

3-Make back ups of programs purchased


Had you had the Anti-Malware program or even just the Anti-Exploit Premium before this, then likely the odds of that pest getting into the pc would have been greatly reduced.

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