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Single file scan stopped working - nothing happens

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Scanning an individual file no longer works with the new, ugly version. All I get is this gigantic demand to scan my system now (see image).


I am trying to scan one individual file. In the old version it told you that it scanned it and whether it found anything. Did you take this function out of the new version?



v free version

Win 7 Pro 64 bit


MS Security Essentials


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Hello and welcome:
Until today, I had not heard of that issue.
Neither had our forum Admin.
However, you are 2nd person today to report this unexpected behavior.


Let's start with some routine troubleshooting, please:

Thank You,

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OK, so if you were recently auto-updated, then, yes, you would have the most current, latest build ("version") of the program.

And your screenshot confirms that.

(Not all users do -- some of them are still running older versions (1.75, 2.0.1, etc).


In any event, occasionally, there are hiccups during the auto-update process.

That is why the first recommended troubleshooting step is to cleanly reinstall the program following the tutorial in this pinned topic: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.

That most often resolves minor issues and is the fastest way to get the user back up and running.


If it doesn't, then the next step is to run a few non-invasive scanners to provide a bit of system info for the staff, in order to determine what the cause and solution might be: Diagnostic Logs.


So, again, the first step would be to cleanly reinstall, as suggested.

If the problem persists, then I would suggest that you please post back with the requested logs so that we can take a look.



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