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Full scan faster than threat scan?

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This is my first time posting so I'm not really sure if I put the post in the right place, but if I didn't please notify.


I recently tried doing a custom scan and when I got to the screen where it tells me to select what I want to have scanned, I selected all of the given options.  For the custom scan options I had selected scan memory objects, start up and registry settings, and archives, but I left scan for root kits unchecked.


I just did a threat scan (not scanning for root kits) and it took 8 minutes, but when I custom scanned using the options above it took about 30 seconds to complete the scan.  The amount of objects scanned on my threat scan (not scanning for root kits) is approximately 230,000 and for the custom scan it was roughly 210,000 so I'm wondering as to why a full scan scanned less items than a threat scan.


I think it's because the threat scan spends the majority of it's time scanning 20,000 files where as the other 210,000 are done in a matter of seconds, so I think perhaps I missed scanning a section that the threat scan doesn't miss, but I'm pretty sure that's not it.


I'm slightly worried about whether or not my desktop is infected, but I doubt it seeing as there hasn't been anything suspicious occurring lately.  If someone can explain to me why this is happening, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Here are some pictures of some of the screens just to clarify




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Hello Thomas_T and :welcome:


Yes - 38 seconds is an inordinately short Custom Scan time for all mounted volumes.


Let's first have you try a system restart and repeat the Custom Scan.


Please let us know, in a reply to this thread, how it went.


Thank you.

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