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Update screen before scan is initiated

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I'm a long time MBAM user and this is my first time dablling with MBAM 2.0. However, each time I start a scan, this appears. I usually update before starting a scan and did so before taking the screenshot. I already have the latest definitions yet this screen appears before the scan is started.


Is this normal? I've tried installing and re-installing.

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Hmm, that's interesting.

Is this expected behavior, @gonzo???


Reason for asking is that I've never seen it on any of my rigs (all Premium).

And I don't recall seeing similar reports here (perhaps the OP is the only user to notice).


I might think it has something to do with one's scheduler settings (e.g. "check for updates before scanning" or "recovery" settings).

But that wouldn't explain the behavior on a rig running the Free version.


Just curious and trying to learn.... :)

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I have seen it on my rigs as well, if you just let it sit there, it will start scanning after a few seconds... if you notice from the screenshot above, the Update Now is greyed out so you cannot click on it anyway.... If there was an update you would be able to click on it.  Clicking Skip update will also just start the scan...


Expected behavior.....

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Well, I'll be a Monkey's Uncle and a Turkey's Aunt! :lol:


You are correct!

I guess I just never noticed (and it's only a few seconds on my rigs).


I presume it's by-design, to be sure the scanner has the most current database before it starts.


I stand corrected! :blush:


<face palm>

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