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Microsoft releases test patch to address Windows 8.1 update woes


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Microsoft releases test patch to address Windows 8.1 update woes

But some will say it's still not a patch on Windows 7
By Chris Merriman
Wed Jul 02 2014, 16:55


MICROSOFT HAS RELEASED a patch to address issues for users who have had problems updating their machines to Windows 8.1.


The patch, which is still in testing, fixes an issue that caused a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error for some users of Windows 8 and Windows RT when attempting to upgrade to Windows 8.1.


The problem has resulted in a slow migration process for Windows 8 users, with the latest figures from Net Applications showing that a significant number have not taken up the free upgrade that attempts to address many of the issues that users have had with the new Windows 8 user interface.


This is compounded by the fact that the original Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 upgrade was released via the Windows Store, rather than the traditional Windows Update service, alienating users who had never used the Windows Store.


Since Windows 8.1 was released a further update has been added, with another expected to follow in August, the last before Microsoft turns its attention to "Threshold", the codename for the next major Windows release. The company has also recently announced a "with Bing" edition of the operating system for low-end computers and tablets.


Anyone affected can download the patch from the Microsoft website, however it is a test patch and might not work for everyone. Also available is a hotfix that installs a notification to guide users through the update process. Windows RT users do not have access to Windows Update and can download from the Windows Store, but require a second hotfix.


SOURCE: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2353349/microsoft-releases-test-patch-to-address-windows-81-update-woes



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  • Root Admin

I know the market is changing but sure seems like Microsoft in an attempt to latch onto new revenue they saw Apple getting via their store has painted themselves into a corner that ultimately seems to be bleeding them instead of infusing them with revenue. Hopefully they get things straightened out and get back on track with something that the majority of users will like. You'll always have people that don't like your product regardless of what it is, does, looks like, or functions but those should hopefully be the minority of users not the majority that currently seem to want little to do with Windows 8

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