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What a joke Malware Bytes is now

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I joined this forum just to vent my anger and ask WTF have i paid for?

How many times do they expect a person to re install the same program and go through a 45 step trouble shooting process?

The real time protection will always stop working sooner or later.

When doing a full scan it crashes my whole computer at the end of the scan with a blue screen flash and re start. Fortunately i can get through a threat scan.
The new interface looks Ok and promises a lot. In some ways it's a step back to better days like having self protection but it is woeful in practise.

Were it just me i might think it was my system, some conflict i have, something i've done wrong...but no...looking through this forum and others there are THOUSANDS of people screaming wtf has happened to MB?

I've followed the procedures over and over from other threads only to have it stuff up again in a few days or a few hours. So no i'm not going to follow your 124 step process and posts 72 logs and download another 24 utilities....

hey i tell you what i will do.....consider my premium license as dead money and look at buying Superantispyware pro.
Much of the so called help in this forums seems to have a smart A*** tone to it. The product should never have been released in such a state and to then expect users who have paid money to have to spend frustrating time after time just to get the thing running......Pah.....send me a message when the product is usable again because right now Malware Bytes is a dying fish and nothing is being done about it. Get a fixed version out NOW or your reputation will never recover. It's been weeks if not months of mayhem. And sack people. A lot of people.


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On the other hand, I installed it on 3 Win 8 and 2 Win 7 computers. Only had one problem which took me a few days to figure out. You have to consider the number of computer models, security software and other programs that can cause a conflict with another program. Hell. even Microsoft can't get it straight sometimes.


If you look at who is posting the most problems, most are from New Members and very few are like me that have been around the block with MB. So there must be thousands of installs without problems.


I had update problems yesterday and the updates took an hour after boot. Today, within 10 minutes. Could be my path to the update servers or a load of other things, not an MB problem.


When I purchase security software, I expect to have some problems. When I switched from XP to Windows 7, I had to change security programs because of conflicts. MB wasn't one of them.


Give these guys a break, they are doing a great job trying to figure out what is happening.

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KenW, you're not the only one that's "been around the block" with MB. It's great that you don't have major issues, but as has been pointed out to you before, if 1% of people have trouble, that is thousands of unhappy customers. As the previous poster pointed out, this is not Beta software, but we all seem to be constantly running various scans and sending in logs, but nothing is getting fixed. I've downloaded and executed half a dozen files that "support" have asked me to. They've turned up nothing, and still I have the same issue I had 4 weeks ago. I had MB 1.75 since it's release without ever noticing it's presence, and that's what I expect from an "upgrade".

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  • Root Admin

Yes, and if you review the posts in detail you will see almost every single computer is screwed up or running tons of security tweaks, fixes, etc that we have to dig through and try to find and fix.  I've been to all the major antivirus vendors support sites and they basically tell you to uninstall all that software and once it's gone let them know if you still have an issue. You rarely see them digging in and fixing all the junk that we try to fix for anyone coming here. The 2.x version is miles ahead of the 1.x versions in features and cannot be compared to the 1.x version.


The update issues experienced by Ken were due to a server issue and not the program and we had system engineers working on it right away.

  • Are there issues with the 2.x verson:  Yes
  • Have we ever said there were absolutely no issues: No
  • Have we offered both forum and email support to both paying and free customers even for issues not related to our program: Yes
  • We often have top level CEO and VP post here on the forum to answer questions as well as some of the other forums out on the Internet (don't see too many companies where the CEO will respond to support questions) so how can you say Malwarebytes doesn't care?
  • Running what you think should be run and self interpreting logs ie. self medicating is not the best way to find and correct any computer issue. We have support people that know the program and Windows better than the average person so why not avail yourself to that help?


I'm sorry that you're having issues with the program and myself and others here at Malwarebytes are more than happy to work with you to resolve any issues you may have with the program to the best of our abilities. If we're unable to assist you and cannot get the program working then you're also welcome to submit for a product refund as well. No one is turning you away or ignoring issues but if you want help you have to let us help you and yes that does entail probably running various different scans and posting logs as we're not sitting at the computer and logs are our only way to see into your computer on some scale.


For others that may come along and read this and you're looking for help please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs in a new topic in this forum so that you can get one-on-one support. Please do not post into other users topics as your computer is not a clone of the other users computer so changes or fixes for one user may or may not be appropriate for your computer.


We need to have you run scans and post back these Diagnostic Logs in order to better assist you.
Thank you

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