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MBAE seems installed but not working - thus can't register it.

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I have two XP PC's for which I've purchased and installed MalwareBytes Endpoint Security onto. 

No problems installing and registering MBAM. 

But I've installed MBAE and processes show mbae.exe and mbae-service.exe running, however the systray icon does not appear and the MBAE test (pinned on this forum) does not result in any perceived detection.


At moment I'm concentrating on solving the second PC.  Then I'll go back to the first PC.


I've checked the pinned thread on MBAE issues on this forum but it doesn't seem relevant to my issue.  It does say to delete mbae from Task Scheduler but Windows Task Scheduler contains no mbae task so I'm not sure what that's about? 


Attached is the result of the mbae-support.exe.


Also I haven't found any place in the MalwareBytes website to try and verify that I have the latest download (which I was linked to after completing the initial purchase).  How would I go about downloading the software in the future as I thought the download was available for the period of the subscription..?  And I can't find a trial download either.












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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.

MBAE for Business (included in Endpoint Security) has a different mechanism for activating the license key. It can be installed but the traybar icon and protection won't become effective until you enter the license key. Check the "Standalone MBAE Admin Guide" included in your package for instructions on how to do that.

Btw i will move this thread to the Business Support section.

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