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Installed MAE but can't see GUI

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I am a licensed user.
Before installing, I turned off Avira AV real-time protection.
At the end of the install, the setup doesn't ask to reboot. Is it supposed to? I manually rebooted.
In procexp, 2 processes are running: mbae.exe, mbae-svc.exe
Picking "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" desktop icon starts new mbae.exe process, which runs ~3 seconds, then closes.
Per a suggestion in another post, ran chkdsk during boot, fix errors option.
I've attached the logs.
Please assist.
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Thanks for responding, pbust. Much appreciated.


It's the same shield icon as the desktop, correct? I checked the task tray for that earlier. It's not showing. I restarted the service - also rebooted. Both to no avail.

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Hi again, pbust...


I just read a seemingly related topic: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/151877-mbae-seems-installed-but-not-working-thus-cant-register-it/#entry848624


You mention that business licenses differ. I forgot to mention - I have a business license.


I guess I need to follow the "Standalone MBAE Admin Guide" to activate so I can see the icon, huh?  :unsure: 

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We'll be changing this shortly so that the installer for the ForBusiness version asks for the license key during installation so it's more obvious.

I'll move this thread to the Business Support section as well.


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Hi pbust,


I'm having trouble with 1 XP SP3 32-bit station. All the previous ones activated fine. Just this one...  :mellow:


I activated all per steps in https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/151885-activating-mbae-for-business-with-license-key/


Same symptoms, the 2 processes are running but I can't see the gui.


I re-installed.


I also ran chkdsk to fix errors on boot.

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It works!


I forgot to mention other steps I took before the re-install...


After uninstalling, I removed some registry keys, starting with the ID and Key. There were maybe 1 or 2 more (I don't remember exactly) I removed.


After my most recent reply, I checked  the setup again.


Although the REG /IMPORT seemed to work, i.e. no error was reported, it actually didn't. What happened?


Browsing the registry ID and Key values, I noticed it wasn't there. Inspecting the .reg file you gave, I forgot to wrap the ID and Key headers with quotes. You originally had them quoted but I guess I removed them during the adventure  :blush:. I put them back then registered. Viola!

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You're the perfect support customer, you always figure it out by yourself before I have a chance to respond :)


Anyway I added a note to the article to highlight the importance of having the ID and KEY enclosed by quotes.



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