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MWB Crashing when clicking Scan or Fix Now

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When I upgraded to Malwarebytes, it opened without problems.  I would run it and get an error stating that the program stopped working (like the one in the picture).  I tried the uninstall and clean method more than once with no working result.  I am running Windows 7 32-bit edition.  I have 1 administrator account and 2 standard user accounts.  I installed MWB 2.0 while logged in under the administrator account.  This is where I would get the crash issue.  I logged out of the administrator account and logged in under one of the standard accounts.  Then I ran MWB 2.0.  Amazingly it worked fine without crashing.  Then I logged back into the administrator account and MWB 2.0 has been working fine ever since.  I have no idea how this corrected the issue, but it did for me.  Hope this helps others in their plight.


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Yes, Maurice, that is correct.  I don't know why there was an issue in the beginning.  I installed it as usual under the administrator account.  I even did the clean your system and re-install method under the administrator account.  It would not work until I went into one of the standard user accounts and ran the program.  I will run the diagnostic tests and upload the files when I get time to.  I will also try to recreate the symptoms and  upload those files as well.

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Yes, 1PW, this method worked for me.  Why is it that net.conf is not operating properly?  I see that the batch file replaced net.conf inside the Malwarebytes program folder.  Was this file corrupt with the new release?  Also, what made it work after changing user accounts?

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Hello ricknorris_1:


Thank you for the good news feedback!


I am merely a volunteer forum helper, and I can only relate what we believe is the best path for you to follow to success. Because Malwarebytes' products are not open-source, and revealing details might give competitors or purveyors of badware unwanted insight, we may never know more than what we know now. However, near future updates to MBAM2 likely will correct this issue


If Malwarebytes staffers weigh-in, more information might be available.


Please let us know if we can help you further. :)

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