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Sorry to pile on, but new update is slow (program loading, not scanning)

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I just ... really hate this new update. It looks like a spammy program, the kind that when you see you think "my computer is infected." It looks like a scam now, and I've been using Malwarebytes for years and years. It's always the first program I install (after a web browser to get away from IE, of course). But it's just .. unintuitive, big and ugly, huge banners telling me I'm on the free version which never used to be there, etc. For the record, I own a premium license, but I don't need the always-on protection so I just use the free version.


Whatever the case, I do have one particular issue, that issue is below!


On-demand scanning of individual files or folders takes ages to launch! The program is now so bloated that when I launch Malwarebytes after right-clicking on a file and selecting scan -- my most-used feature of Malwarebytes -- it takes ages to start up. I'm not talking about the scan taking longer (it does, but that's less of an issue), I'm talking more about the thing taking a long time to even launch. And I'm saying that as someone with a high-end gaming rig with plenty of CPU and RAM resources available to make this process snappy.


It's slow, it's laggy, it's ugly, it's not intuitive. It's the first step back I've EVER felt this program has gone through.


Sorry to pile on, guys. I know launching an update of this caliber takes a huge, huge amount of time, but this simply is bad. Thank you all for the great, amazing product over the years, but if this doesn't change going forward, I will probably move on to better-designed programs.

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