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Program not updating

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This seems to be a common problem. Malwarebytes staff, please look into this. There are countless threads on this issue with no resolution other than rebooting or reloading Malwarebytes. It is broken and needs troubleshooting internally. We sold hundreds of computers a year with malwarebytes premium installed on them and a majority of them see this problem.

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It is a total pain in the arse as we say in Australia. Check this movie....

On every computer every day all the bloody time...



Hello Justbrae,


Are you by chance a Reseller?  If so, you need to be getting direct help from the Business / Corporate support.


Otherwise, you need to describe and tell us the exact "error message" that is at issue.



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Hi Everyone,


If you have done an upgrade from version 1.75 to 2.0.2, try to do a clean uninstall, then reinstall 2.0.2.  This will fix most problems.

MBAM Clean will uninstall Malwarebytes completely from your PC, then reboot the computer.
Next, reinstall Malwarebytes from https://www.malwarebytes.org/getmbam
Also, are these computers being used in business environments?  If so, please make sure there are no security applications blocking Malwarebytes' updates.
Also, are either of you a business customer or reseller, as Maurice asked?  
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