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Command line switches - techbench?

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Hi all,


We've bought a ton of malwarebytes over the years but the one thing that is lacking in the newer versions is the ability to do command line switching.


Does the techbench version have this? We'd like to script an installer, update, and scan combo so we can (once we have identified infected machines) clean these all remotely, then uninstall and move to the next.


How could we go about doing this? We have it working via  a very old version but that is pointless as it is so dang old.

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Hello and :welcome:


This section of the forum is for folks having issues with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and as you have stated Yes Version 2.0 of Malwarebytes does lack the ability of command line switches.  They do plan on bring those back in a future build, although they have no mention as to when that will be available.


Also if you have bought tons of copies of Malwarebytes I assume your talking for a business.  There are more options available with business versions of the product.  If you are a business and need help with that, you can post in the business section of the forum HERE


As for your question about Techbench... its probably better directed in the appropriate section of the forum dedicated to Techbench HERE

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