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BitComet virus or not?

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Good morning!  :)


I scanned the installer BitComet with VirusTotal and ClamAV antivirus says it has virus: Win.Adware.Adgazelle although VirusTotal says:  Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use.




The file I downloaded from their official website.

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Hello andrew1997:

Not all #goodware uploaded to VirusTotal.com for analysis will test 0/54 and occasionally #goodware may display one or more false positives (FP), which is potentially the case here.


As BitComet is a file torrent, and while executing, this app will increase the attack surface of your system.


Co-incidentally, the Malwarebytes Malware Removal Experts will demand any and all torrents be removed from your system before you may avail yourself of their services.


HTH :)

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The definition "Win.Adware.Adgazelle" does NOT state the file is a "virus" !

The definition states it is Adware


All viruses are malware.  Not all malware are viruses.


Viruses are trojans are sub-types of malware.


Adware is a sub-type of trojans.


This is best described as the taxonomy of malware.


It is a faux perception that all malware are "viruses".  Adware is most certainly NOT a "virus".

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