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Malicious Website Protection reset by website

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I have multiple PCs running W-7 with F-Secure, Malwarebytes Pro and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit free.


I was looking for statistical information and looked at one website.  At the bottom was a link which read "stats.bls.gov" which appeared to be safe.  I could have sworn I cut-and-pasted it rather than clicking on it, but maybe my OpSec was lax.  The webpage which popped up was "stats.bls.gov.com" which immediately alerted me that I had been hijacked.  I killed the browser (IE11) and started MBAM.  The color of the GUI was not green, telling me that something was wrong.  I looked through the settings and noticed that Malicious Website Protection was OFF.  I turned MWP back on.


F-Secure gave no visual warnings.  I ran a full system scan with it.  It said nothing was found but it only ran for about 10 seconds.


Then I started a full custom scan with MBAM including rootkits.  It ran for 22 seconds(this is an SSD) and then stopped with the Nothing Found message.  I rebooted and tried to scan again.  Same result.


I rebooted into Safe Mode and ran a full custom MBAM scan.  It ran for 15 minutes which is as expected.  Nothing was found.  I rebooted in normal mode and ran another full custom scan: 22 seconds.  Then I ran a threat scan which took two and a half minutes.



 1) The website was able to change my MBAM settings.  How is that possible?  I had Self-Protection Mode set to OFF, so I will keep it set to ON from now on.

 2) It appears that the malware has caused both MBAM and F-Secure to short-circuit.  I can reinstall Windows in my sleep, so I know what to do, but I would like to know what is going on here.  Is MBAM's custom scan broken or do I have malware?


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