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Has Malwarebytes lost its edge?

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I paid up for 3 Malwarebytes years ago and in that time I have found it very good. There was a time when I had a problem with Malwarebytes and informed them of it. There response was very quick with the IT support ringing me and asking me to run a different Beta edition which solved the problem short term and a month or so later on I had notification to update the installation and all was resolved. Hurray!


Recently Malwarebytes Premium has introduced many new versions and a 2nd version of Malwarebytes Premium. Just like you do, I installed the new version when asked to do so and found that Malwarebytes had ruined the Microsoft Publisher program I use regularly and it also caused XP to behave very oddly. I have informed Malwarebytes about this bug but to date there has been no answer other than they are very busy. I have also asked why its taking so long to reply?


So, what does it take to get Malwarebytes to be interested in their customer support again?


So far I have had to remove it Malwarebytes completely from my computers running XP and also had to completely reformat and reload one computer. You will agree this is a complete ball-ache, just because of a glitch in the latest product software.


So I ask – has Malwarebytes lost its edge and got too big for its boots? …..... because this is the same track that Zone Alarm went down ( many variations) and I soon ditch that! 

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  • Root Admin

Yes it's true that support is very busy and I'm not sure of the status of your ticket but I can review your system and try to assist you if you like.


I run the Microsoft Publisher myself and the program made no changes on my system. If you'd like for me to assist you then please post back the protection and scan logs from MBAM as well as the following logs.


Please read the following and post back the requested logs.
Diagnostic Logs
Thank you

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Many thanks for your input. The Publisher I use is the 97 Publisher version. I know this affected it because I used Task Manager to stop Malwarebytes interference. As I reported here




Hoping that there would be others out there in the same boat. Sadly not so.


Unfortunately there is no logs available as I did not create any before it was given the elbow in reformatting the drive when starting over again. I am reluctant to put it in again as I cannot afford the massive amount of time in reloading programs.


I tried repairs to Windows XP and uninstal and re-instal Publisher but nothing rectified the problem, Hence reformating.


I am now a bit anxious over using Malwarebytes, irrespective of me recommending it to all I know.

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Well simply just a guess on my part that it was more than likely a coincidence and something was probably already wrong or went wrong with Publisher at the time.


You can take a look at doing a full system image or backup and then try MBAM again and I'll work with you on it if you like.


Backup Software


Let me know


Thanks again

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Again - Thanks for the help.

Yes I will retry the Malwarebytes Premium. And you preempted my thoughts on backup as I was looking for a 'Clone' software to stop the wasted amount of time in rebuilding the software. Your list is comprehensive and has saved me time hunting for that. As with many people, I am no computer expert other than being forced into it by screw-ups that occur and having to sort them out. I will be back when I have 'cloned and tested' the software. AOMEI Backupper Standard looks good. Bye for now.

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