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mbam freezes on update or scan

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Hello and :welcome: ,

I understand that you're having issues with MBAM crashing upon trying to update or scan.
We'll need more complete system information in the form of all 3 requested scan logs in order to better assist you.
You might want to start with a clean reinstall, following the method described at the link in step #1 below.
If that doesn't resolve the issue and you need to re-run the scanning tools (step #2), please be sure to place a check-mark in the "Addition.txt" item for "Optional" scans in FRST, so that we can get both logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt):

>>>Having said all that, it appears that you may think you are infected and that you have already done some self-medicating (as your system shows that you have run Combofix)?
If that's the case, then the best bet might be to please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will guide you through the cleanup process and with getting MBAM up and running.


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thank you for your time.  I don't believe the system to still be infected but may be wrong.  I have done the clean reinstall.  the old 1.76 mbam works, but not the latest version.  I've checked the host file and it is set as default as it should be.  I've looked in dns settings and those are all normal.  I removed mcafee and now using microsoft sec essentials.  I thought it was the anti virus that was blocking mbam from updating or running.  I don't have access to this system at the moment.  I'll update with the requested logs when I can in a few hours. thanks for any help! :D

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Thanks for the update.


Just to clarify:

  • The last version of MBAM 1.x was 1.75 -- there was no version 1.76.  I assume that's a typo?
  • What version of MBAM was/is causing the problems?  (If it was/is version 2, and you have uninstalled it, then it won't be very helpful to get logs under version 1.75.  You'll need to reinstall version 2, following the steps >>HERE<< and *then* run the scanners to produce logs with version installed.)
  • Did you clean the computer yourself, or did you get expert help from another site?  If you received help at another forum, it would help our staff and experts to get the link to that topic, so that they can see what was done.

Please post back with all 3 logs (Addition.txt, FRST.txt and checkresults.txt) when you are ready.

Or, as suggested earlier, it might be more efficient to post those same logs in a new, separate topic in the malware removal section >>here<<; it may be the case that there are malware remnants on the computer and the experts will assist you there with cleanup.




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