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Update Problems

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That was the address of what I think is the update server. That was what Wire Shark captured. This one computer has not updated and I am waiting one hour when MB is supposed to update again. This computer usually updates shortly after it gets booted. If I can verify the address of the update server, all the other update problems other users are having may be due to the update servers.

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You mean there is no program abort.   That there is only some delay in the update run.



Here is what I typically suggest for the automated Update run.

Update task & the Threat scan task in the Scheduler.
Click on **Automated Scheduling** button.

Locate and click once on **Check for Updates** line and press Edit. Then press the Advanced button at bottom left.
Slide the window up so you can see all of it. {press the mouse on the very top bar and slide UP }
A few changes are needed.
Look at the "starting time" of the task and use some good time when you know that your computer will be on & powered & that Windows would be on at that time.
Look at the line in Schedule Options. UN-check "Show notification after successful update".

In the Frequency and Settings. Select Hourly and I suggest using the Recurrence at 4 hours.
In the Recovery Options put a check-mark on "Recover missed tasks" and select 1 hour
When done, press the OK button.

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As I said, my updates are usually done very close to boot up. This time it didn't, but updated after 55 minutes. I saved the packet log and if I knew what IP the Server was on, I could do some packet detective work.



  I have the wrong address

  MB didn't run the update directly after boot up

  I could not connect to the server

  Server problem


Can't tell at this point.

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Relying on an the Update to do its run close to the bootup is iffy.   It may have worked in the past;  but I would recommend just as I noted before --- having the Update start time when the pc is "sure" to have been up and running.

There's too much going on at Windows bootup.


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