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Hello and :welcome::


It sounds as if the program is crashing.  Let's try the suggestions in the following links first:

Please post back and let us know how it goes.


Thank You,

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Until the staff members arrive to formally review your logs, I notice a couple of things:

  • You have some minor infections (PUPs) and other issues;
  • You also have software by IOBit on your system.

The company behind this product was found to be stealing the MBAM database.
Personally I would not trust installing any software from a company that resorts to stealing someone's technology to sell their product.
Please see the following links and make up your own mind if you want to keep this on your system.

At this time, I would suggest that you might want to have an expert assist you with looking into your issues.
To do so, please follow the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A malware analyst will help you to get cleaned up.

If needed, your malware helper can also help you to remove the IOBit software.


EDIT: Since you have already run FRST and mbam-check, you just need to start a new topic with these same logs in the malware removal section >>HERE<<. ;)



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Hi, again, @alfonso62:


Just to clarify, software piracy issues aside, registry cleaners, such as IOBit Advanced System Care, are not needed or helpful, and can cause system damage.

Our forum Root Admin, AdvancedSetup, has posted a detailed pinned topic about this subject here: Do I need a Windows Registry Cleaner?


Your system has a number of issues that cannot be addressed in the General Support forum, because the tools needed can be run only in the dedicated area of the forum.

There, trained helpers can provide assistance to users, one-on-one, for free, and without distraction from other, non-expert forum members.


It's certainly up to you, but I suggest that you please follow my advice to start new topic over in the malware removal section.

The helpers there can assist with getting your system cleaned up, with getting MBAM installed and working, and with removing the IOBit software, if you choose.


Thanks for your patience,

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  • Root Admin

If someone came to your house and robbed you wouldn't you continue to have an issue when you saw that person show up in your yard? That is pretty much what iObit did was to steal from us, so letting our users know that this company does not have a record of honesty is in my opinion the right thing to do to alert the user and let them know. We do not make anyone remove the software but truth be told almost all of their software is of limited or unneeded value. Their company is from China (nothing wrong with that) but they took it upon themselves to shred and remove all written information that ties them back to their Chinese heritage.
Another article from  July 19, 2012 which again brings IOBit tactics into question.
IOBit sucks at ethics

Another a year later - August 21, 2013
Beware: IObit Malware Fighter
Their own webpage says they have an office in San Francisco but business records lookup does not find them.
I don't have an issue with you asking questions in general but your current postings are now bordering on Troll behavior with constant adversarial content which does not help anyone and continued such posting will result in your account being banned.
Thank you

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Hi AdvancedSetup,


Thank you for your answer, even though I do not appreciate deleting my comment ( now seems like you answered to nothing....)


If MBAM has a saga with IOBit there are other channels to resolve this; you can sue them, for example. Constantly posting on your forum that "IOBit sucks" is unethical and you cannot fix an unethical thing done to you ("IOBit stole from us...") doing another unethical thing.


Personally I believe MBAM should focus more in dealing with v.2 disaster rather than claiming that somebody else's software "sucks". Have you watched your forum recently? Constantly asking paying users to run "public beta" versions of MBAM 2, the same problems reported over and over again, the same advice (reinstall) given again and again, all these would easily conclude that "MBAM sucks"


I am an old user of MBAM ( in fact just an owner of 3 licenses, not an user anymore) ; in addition I installed on some computer's friends (4)  -  big mistake! Every weak I had to deal one way or another with these MBAM 2 installations until I decided to reinstall v 1.75 .


How can I justify to my friends who paid an yearly subscription that , almost 4 months in their subscription, the software they paid for is not working???



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  • Root Admin



So as not to drag this on as Troll fodder I'll just say that lets agree to disagree on the subject of IOBit and we'll continue to post about them.


As a company we certainly wish that we could please everyone all time but we realize that no one can please everyone regardless of what you do or how you try. You posting and having your friends post that the product is a disaster is your opinion and generally as long as you don't continue to post to other user posts over and over we allow you to vent your frustration. I can tell you for a fact that your posting behavior on most sites would be cause to ban your account as many are not as open minded as we are.


We are not forcing you to use our product or visit our site and if you're unhappy or dissatisfied with the product you're certainly welcome to submit for a refund of the product if you like. We have never claimed there were not issues with the program, in fact if you read posts here by Management we've accepted that there are issues and we have and continue to work on them.


If you have 4 friends with issues with the program then have them contact support or post here for assistance and we'll do our best to assist them, it's that simple. We are able to assist almost all users in correcting issues with the program or their system but they need allow us to help them. 


I personally have several systems and none of them have issues just like the vast majority of other users. For those that are though we are more than happy to do our best in providing support to correct any said issues.


Thank you



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