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This detection is already present for ages and is only detected when this Service was replaced with malicious valuedata.

I have that key as well, as anyone else has, but won't be detected by mbam. Strange it does in your case if it was never replaced with malicious valuedata.

Looks like you both are french?

Anyway, this will be fixed to avoid extra confusion.

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What makes me doubt is that none of my other security apps detected it (SAS pro, Prevx, Outpost Security Suite). Besides, my browser is always sandboxed. MBAM detected if for the first time yesterday evening (nothing yesterday morning), after I updated it.

I have the latest version of Vista (up to date).

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It's really strange since this detection is already present for months. Everyone has this key present. In anyway, it shouldn't detect when legit valuedata is present, only with malicious valuedata present.

Anyway, I "bypassed" it, so please update and let me know :mellow:

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