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Comodo Dragon being blocked


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Just 20 minutes ago MBAM Pro gave me an error stating that Comodo Dragon is a trojan.kryptik. To my knowledge it is not, I have flash and NoScript for Dragon installed. I also prevent autoinstallers by way of the group policy editor in Windows. Nothing is capable of installing itself anywhere on the computer. I now cannot access Dragon, even with MBAM disabled. I cannot uninstall it, I cannot update it and cannot do anything because MBAM decided to restrict it by way of NSIS errors.

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Also I did uninstall Dragon in the end, cleaned all the folders out, ran CC cleaner, ran MBAM scan in that drive, checked AV, etc. 


Installed it from their webserver, and still got the issue. Installed it on other computers I have with MBAM on it and they also quarantined it. I've been using Comodo's software for nearly 10 years now. This is the first time I've ever experienced a F/P with their stuff.

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Cheers! I've gone ahead and manually placed it on MBAM's ignore list. I'm guessing broad definition? Also any idea when the next update will be?


By the way, as a software engineer I can certainly understand that not everything turns out to be perfect, and I really do appreciate the very fast help! This is why I always install MBAM and recommend people buy the paid version. 

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This had me so scared. I looked it up, said it was a nasty virus and this is a new computer. But it was working just fine yesterday, get on and it suddenly kept blocking everything. So I no longer can use comodo dragon.


So...this is just a false positive then?

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Please reference: Please read before reporting a false positive
Post #2

If you are not a member of Staff or Experts group please do not reply to other users posts in either the File or Web Blocking forums.

Thank you for understanding.

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