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malwarebyte update not responding for a few sec before resuming

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During database update, at the top of malwarebute it say not responding then after a few second it resume then while it was about to finish updating it say not responding then resume and say update complete.

Is there something wrong? Cause other PC also experience the same thing.

All pc are v2.0.2.2012

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Hello LWJ:
Because other tenants in other apartments are sharing the Internet, their streaming videos and other long downloads may impact your Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware overall database update download speed and the amount of time to complete causing occasional "Not Responding" notices.
A prolonged "ping" test may reveal an abnormal number of dropped Internet packets.
Many Internet Speed Tests are available for you to verify that your Internet speed minimums are met.
A restart of your apartment's Internet router may also be helpful.
You may then wish to consult with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) regarding the quality of your apartment's Internet service.
Thank you.

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Hello LWJ:


Since you indicated that "All pc are v2.0.2.2012" were effected, you did mean more than one of your computers? Yes?


If the answer is yes, it seems unlikely more than one computer would exhibit the same behaviors because of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


We do have some locally written specialized ping tests available that might interest you.


Did you try any of the available Internet Speed Tests?


Do other tenants, in other nearby apartments, complain of frequent slow Internet download speeds?


Thank you.

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