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Running from RAMDISK

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No, it is completely unsupported and would be a mistake to try to make it run in such a fashion.


It may also be a EULA violation and/or void the warranty of the purchased version.


Ehhh sorry what? I think you should read the question again, you don't make any sense.


1) Unsupported why? it's a disk, any other apps can run stored in it.

2) The EULA does not say anything about storing and running the mbar exe from a Ramdisk, what are you talking about?


Do you even know what's a ramdisk?

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Sure I know what a RAM Disk is.  It is a virtual disk drive created out of Random Access Memory (RAM) to simulate that of a physical drive such as a Floppy, ZIP or hard disk.  Often used where there may be data swapping back and forth to a drive such that it is done without physical wear and tare and without the delay of data read and write latency that would occur with a physical drive.


However it is not a disk.  It is a simulation of a disk.


Something that is not needed to run a scan for the detection of a RootKit.  If this was somehow beneficial then it would have already been incorporated into the utility.


You are correct about the EULA part.  I was confusing that concept with MBAM and not the separate MBAR.

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I happend to run it from a 2gb ramdisk, since I use that for /tmp and random downloads etc.


Ths thread wasn't meant as requesting help anyway, I was merely helping by reporting a bug, since this loss of functionality can't have been intended.

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