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Malwarebytes 2.02 and High Resolution Display?

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Sorry in advance if this isn't the right section. I recently upgraded to 2.02 on laptop which uses a high resolution display and the interface is almost too small to read and very difficult to use. Attached is a screen shot. 


Does anyone know of a workaround or solution? It's almost too small to use now.




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You can actually place the mouse cursor at any of the corners and adjust the size to your liking.

Thanks for the suggestion. It's not an issue of window size though, rather text/button size that's not rendering correctly on a higher resolution screen. Expanding the window does not increase the text size or button size. It's difficult to use this on a high res screen. When I get an IP blocked I can't even make out the full IP or filename because it doesn't render properly. 

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i have experienced problems similar to what you are experiencing .

i swap displays and operating systems around quite a bit .

my latest addition is a 32" monitor ... and at certain desktop/resolution settings i have things that do not render correctly .

my fix is to lower the desktop resolution (this will not affect netflix playback resolution and such) and then decrease the size of the desktop icons .

(don't forget to fine tune the "adjust cleartype text" under the display calibration section)

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  • Root Admin

Unfortunately any type of Graphical change to support font change on resize is not on the roadmap that I'm aware of. If you have a small screen and run it hi-res there are certainly many other programs than just ours that will not display properly. I run 1920x1200 but I'm on a 27" monitor not a 13, 14, 15 inch laptop but I do have a laptop like that and plenty of programs don't like the "custom" odd resolution. I know we are working on some GUI changes but not sure they would include your issue or not but those won't be until the next release so for now you'd have to do something like CWB says or some other work-around.



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i forgot to mention ...

the same problems and fixes show up on a couple of my laptops ... i have used similar methods with/on laptops them as well .

the addition of "zoom page" to FF allows me to increase the overall page size (and it remembers on a per site basis) .

i find "zoom fox" for image and/or text another good addition to FF ... great for such things as those weather maps that are a bit small .


high res displays are great ... but they do tend to squish things a bit .

especially for those of use with "eyes over 45" .


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I have this exact same problem on my brand-new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop. I'd heard that things were small, but the BestBuy sales rep nodded when I said "So, I'll just set the resolution lower most of the time." Never trust a BestBuy sales rep. This is not true. Reducing resolution does NOT change display size. Perhaps its an Intel thing. They built the graphics display technology. But this is what we have. This is what more and more computers will have. I was a little heartened to hear from tech support that "it's on a list to address in future builds, however I do not have a time frame for you."


In case It will help others and/or tech support see the problem more clearly, here's another screen shot of the scan selection window. Note that text in the top line does not display properly. At least on this one we can make sense of things.


Direct link: http://ow.ly/ASPsw


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