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Unable to install version receiving access is denied error message

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I purchased a license for the premium Malwarebytes for version; previously I had the earlier, free version 1.75 on my system running WIndows 7, SP 1, 64bit. I tried running the installer, and came up against an error message while trying to read the mbam-chameleon.com file: " An error occurred while trying to read the source file: Access is denied." This happened both when I ran it in admin mode and not. 


I then downloaded your mbam-clean program, turned off my virus checker, ran the cleanup, and let my computer reboot. The install still wouldn't work, so I tried the same set of steps again, just in case, with no luck. I have attached the two files generated by running the FRST program, and the one that the mbam-check program generates. Please let me know if I have missed a step, or what I need to do. 


Thank you. 




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Hi and :welcome: :
Until the staff members arrive to officially review your logs, a couple of things jump out from your logs:

  • Your mbam-check logs show that you still have version 1.75 installed -- it may be necessary for you to reattempt a clean upgrade to 2.0 in order to better troubleshoot the problem.
  • You have at least 3 antivirus programs installed -- McAfee, AVG and Avast! -- this may well be a major contributor to the problem, especially given the error message you are seeing.
    • Having more than one antivirus/firewall installed, even if the others are not "active", will inevitably cause all sorts of problems -- crashes, clashes, slowdowns, instability and REDUCED security.
    • I would suggest that you pick one of the 3 and then use the vendors' removal tools to cleanly remove all remnants of the other 2.

If you want to try a clean upgrade one more time, so that we can get a fresh set of logs after removing the extra AVs and after reinstalling MBAM 2.0, then I would suggest that you please follow the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.

If that fails again and you do proceed to run the scanners for the Diagnostic Logs again, please be sure to check the box for "Addition.txt" under "Optional" scans for FRST.


I'm sure the staff will have some additional advice for you. :)



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