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Uninstall - re-install question.

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     I had the Malwarebytes  Pro 1.70 Pro version and it was converted to the 2.0 version. I need to restore my computer back to February 2014, will the Malwarebytes Premium 2.0 version come back? 

    I don't see the 'Key' number on the Malwarebytes 2.0 to download it.  






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Welcome back.


Doing a system restore often "breaks" security programs, such as MBAM.

To reduce the chance of problems, it would be advisable to temporarily cleanly UNinstall MBAM before doing the restore; the same is true for your anti-virus (AV).

Then, after your system restore is complete, and you have obtained all of your Windows/Microsoft updates, and have reinstalled/updated/configured your AV, you can cleanly reinstall MBAM.

To do the clean removal and re-installation, you will need to follow the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.

(Needless to say, you will be adding the step of doing the system restore between the removal and the reinstall.)


If you had MBAM installed on the computer back in Feb 2014, then it is possible that the information will still be there on the computer after the system restore.

But it would be safer to have a plan in case that turns out not to be the case.

I would strongly suggest that you have your license ID/key handy before you begin the system restore.

If you originally purchased online from the Malwarebytes store, the info would have been sent to you in an email.

If you don't have that email and don't have a record of the ID/key, you can contact the e-commerce partner to have them look it up: How do I obtain my license key?

There is also information here about how to find the info in the Windows registry, if you are comfortable doing so.

(If none of these will be feasible, let us know, and we can provide another trick or 2.)


Hope this helps,


P.S. This sub-forum is actually the support section for MBAE (Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit), which is a different product. The mod team will likely move your post to the MBAM support section here.

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