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Understanding what is needed for internet security.


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I am a senior with xp software & dialup internet. Always having problems. I have AVG internet 2014, a paid version. Wasted money.

I have installed MB antimalware trial. Not sure if it misses problems or there is conflict between the 2. Avg is turned off but still has items running in the task manager.

I hesitate to delete avg because I don't know what is causing my problems, is it theft ware or an intruder on my phone line. I have the store bought disk but the updating takes a day or more. Repair option makes no difference.


I'm not clear if Mb sells one program only to be learned that I'll need to buy more programs like the suckerware avg does.


What do I need ?

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xp software & dialup internet


Please forgive me in advance if you have no other choice with this setup due to financial or location issues (dial up).



You have VERY limited options in this scenario...... 1- Win XP has lost all  support from MS and as time goes on support/compatibility from others will cease as well. 2- Dial up internet cant keep up with today's rich internet content. Web developers don't even consider people using dial up much anymore so they don't optimize for it much at all.


If you can replace the old XP computer (not as costly as it used to be) and get access to higher speed internet I would be happy as would others here to guide you to the best bang for your buck.

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You are forgiven for posting off topic, I have made assumption errors too.

I have no need for "rich internet content" & avoid / block all things that move. Text & images suffice.

Dialup is cheap, wifi is expensive. Neither is the topic or XP that still runs 30% of the worlds business.


I have a year old wifi Chromebook & a box with Win7. Neither is senior vision friendly unless one thinks side scrolling with a magnifier is modern. Win8 is fine for those needing a midget computer or children that can't spell yet. Ubunto is desired but not in this topic.



Back to the topic of MB options, what do I need for full computer protection. Can I run bought MB program(s) "x" or "x & z" with avg or will it work on its own / delete avg entirely.


I delete stuff all the time with sysinternal programs...or only think so, because this week the entire suite went missing.

What is needed is a trap to trace the IP if it is a phone hack. This suspected alky hacker doesn't remember what she rages about drunk, especially how load & recordable she is, cops say its not their problem. That should make her keylogger hiccup! Yep, I have found & deleted them too.

My experience indicates both issues occur.


Thanks for considering my questions.

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I respect your years and your seniority in the community but I must make some corrections here.

Porthos didn't post Off Topic nor reply Off Topic.  He was addressing some underlying concepts that I agree with him on.


WnXP is a dead OS.  If you want to run Windows XP and NOT connect to the Internet or share data files/disks with peers or friends then please... go right ahead.


However you expressed the desire to use WinXP while connected to the Internet.  What complicates it is a Dial-Up (DUN) connection.  Malware won't necessarily need a high speed connection but prevention, mitigation and remediation will.  As a function of time it will be harder and harder to maintain a WinXP platform with some level of protection.  As we move away, in time, from April 8th, your PC will become more of a target and less protectable.


You stated "Dialup is cheap, wifi is expensive."

The fact is DialUp Networking (DUN) is a slow speed way to access the Internet in rural and remote areas using the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).  Therefore the distance from customer to Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be quite long.  WiFi, on the other hand, has an effective (unobstructed) range of maybe 300 feet.  Thius is not a technology that an ISP sells to subscribers.  WiFi is a technology that ISPs provide as a Value Added Benefit.  That is as long as you have a standard, broadband, package the service provider provides WiFi Hot Spots throughout their territory.  For example Optimum Online (Cable Vision) provides a Cable Modem and CISCO AIR-LAP to businesses such that that business now becomes a subscriber only capable WiFi HotSpot.


There is a wireless technology that reaches out further than WiFi and that is 3G/4G Wireless Broadband.  That uses a DialUp Networking (DUN) Modem combined with a Cellular Telephone.  Except in most cases the Cellular Telephone isn't used for voice communications (although it can).  That works on the principle that if you are covered by Cellular Towers, you can access the Internet.  While WiFi radiates up to 300', a cell Tower is good for 1 ~ 2miles.


Dial-Up isn't "cheap", its less expensive and less capable.  At lone time I paid $20.00/month for DUN while at the same time CompuServe wanted $23.00/hr !


3G/4G Wireless Broadband can be had for $65.00/month.  That's relates to only three hours of service that CompuServe would have provided at less speed.


Please do not confuse the different Wireless Networking constructs.

* BlueTooth - 30'

* Wireless Fidelity (aka; WiFi)  - 300'

* Wireless  Broadband (2G, 3G and 4G networks) - 1 ~ 2 miles


Now I will assume MB is some non-standard acronym for Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) and not Milton Bradley (MB).  However the rest of the subject matter is hard to understand.  But I think you are asking if MBAM can replace a fully installed anti virus application such as Grisoft AVG.  If that is the question, the answer is - NO.


MBAM targets non-viral malware and a subset of file types that AVG would target.  MBAM is a complementary application meant to work along side a fully installed anti virus solution, not replace it.


For example AVG can detect and block malicious SWF (Flash), PDF (Adobe Portable Documents) , HTML (the language web pages) while MBAM can not.

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nit-pickin' asides ... welcome to the forums .


i have a friend out in rural oklahoma that has dial-up ... 56K on a good day with a stiff tailwind ... i hear what yer sayin' .

to add to what david mentioned ...

malwarebytes is not an antivirus (such as AVG is) ... the two perform different functions (basically) .

i agree , AVG has gone downhill (my personal opinion) over the last three years or so .


your slow update speed is mostly due to the compairatively slow speeds of your dial-up connection ... and who is to say that you are getting your "full measure" to boot ?

if your machine is a little long in the tooth , it may be "crudded up" with junk files and god-knows-what , this will contribute to the slowdown of a machine .

you touched upon the "problems" you are experiencing but more information is needed to better assist you ...

it is kind of like saying : "my car won't start ..." ... and that leaves a whole lot of gray area . 

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David, Thanks for the MB link, I'll read that tonight, perhaps over this weekend.


Pointless to discuss here the unaffordable options that you are informed about. I don't know your reputation but your dialup costing is false. I pay $15US monthly, all 3 local options/service types are over $100CAN & locked in for a year or more.The dialup is prepaid for whatever period one wants, no hooks. I'm only stating this as you claimed otherwise & you do have commercial interest in selling your mentioned services, am I correct?


AVG publisted a list off sites that are not compatable, that list includes malwarebytes, has that changed? Its why I asked.


One of the BM ads/programs says it will block all threats including "dialers". There are a bunch of ads/programs. What is included in the premium purchased package? I don't see a comparison chart, if it was clear I would not be asking here. Hopefully that info is in your link.


Thanks again for the link David, Bob.

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Alas, there is no one best antivirus for XP or any other Windows OS -- if there were, then there would only be one product on the market. :)

Countless variables for both the computer and the user influence the selection.

Moreover, since Malwarebytes maintains working relationships with many other security software vendors, it wouldn't necessarily be appropriate for anyone here (on the Malwarebytes forum) to endorse one product over another.


Our forum Root Admin has prepared a pinned topic that includes both some representative examples and some links to reputable security sites where the "what's the best AV" topic is subject to vigorous discussion: List of well known antivirus products

There are some other relevant links here and here and here (this latter is a "Win7" site, but the discussion is on-topic)


Having said that, with XP's being both EOL and EOS, if you were to become infected, a major factor complicating the ability to recover will be the lack of XP drivers and software for your devices and peripherals.



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abcabc2abc, I didn't supply a link.  I did use Porthos' forum ID as you see here.  But, that's not a link to information.  That's a profile of the member.  I do that because member's name can be confusing and using the member's profile makes the member's name declaration clear.


I have no commercial motives.  I do not sell products.  At most I perform personal IT services and IT services for < censored >.  I have no motives, angles nor agenda.  I am just stating information top the best of my ability.


Rural Canada - I can see how that has limitations on service providers and costs.


"One of the BM ads/programs says it will block all threats including "dialers". There are a bunch of ads/programs. What is included in the premium purchased package? I don't see a comparison chart, if it was clear I would not be asking here. Hopefully that info is in your link."


BM - Another odd acronym ?  Oy......


I can give you a full comparison and explanation of MBAM (not MB or BM) vs. full anti virus applications.  However it would be off the top of my head and would be lengthy and be much work.  I would only be willing to write something IFF it was really worthwhile (it is a lot of work and I have a project in front of me).

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Thanks for your support/input Honorary Member. Machine isn't slow for being diaup, only when an "intruder" is present or active. Like I said earlier Sysinternals cleans them out but time consuming. AVG nails some but lets things in, why I suspect its not ALL virus or malware. No point in better computer or OS until I can prove what the intruder is. Maybe OS malfunction,  get up to proving the issues with the correct program choices.


Speed wise is interesting, usually 45k of the 56k possible but the program downloading is always 3-5. News items can take seconds to minutes to load, walk away, do something else, live with it, laugh lots, it's affordable.


I'm in services often to shutoff or start programs, helps alot. Watch task manager like a hawk, helps on remembering what is supposed to be there, usually 22-25 items running.


I downloaded Ubunto awhile back, could not understand how to run it, instructions in jargon, words don't match the buttons. I would pay for a functional OS even though its free. No matter the outcome here I will buy a paid version of MB.


Gotta go, Thanks to everyone's help.

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