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PROBLEM: "Ignore List" does not accept files names or UNC paths

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An application (App.exe) we use is blocked by MEE. 


Users access this executable via a desktop shortcut to the UNC path (\\appserver\App\App.exe).


I tried to ad it to the "Ignore List" but MEE tells me that UNC paths (\\appserver\App\App.exe) and file names (App.exe) are both "invalid."


I tried mapping a drive to the \App\ folder and adding that to the ignore list (T:\App.exe).  This did not work either, the file is still blocked.  Even if this did work, it is not a great solution; I can't map a drive for every executable stored on a server that may need to be ignored.


The only solution I can find is copying the executable to the local system and running it from there.  This is also not a viable solution since the executable depends on other files found on the network drive which are changed by multiple users.


I need to be able to "ignore" an executable via its UNC path and/or by filename alone.





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Additional information since I cannot edit my post above:


When I try to open \\appserver\App\App.exe I receive a Windows dialog with this error message:


Network Error

Windows cannot access \\appserver\App\App.exe

Error code: 0x80070002

The system cannot find the file specified.


If I disable MEE Filesystem Protection in the system tray, I can run this application from the network location with no problems.  It is definitely being blocked by MEE for some reason.


Here's where it gets interesting....


I can take the App.exe and move it to a different server (\\appserver2\App\App.exe) and it works fine with MEE Filesystem Protection enabled.


So, what doesn't MEE like about my \\appserver?


Both servers are running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Service Pack 1.


Any ideas?

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I think that resolution of this issue would be beyond the scope of the forums, AND as a MEE user, you can open a support ticket which will get you more specialized response.  I will also go over and see if I can get one of the guys to take a look at this as well.  I'd be interested in keeping up with this one too...it sounds like different behavior from different network boxes may have some documentation repercussions (FAQ, Best Practices, who knows).  I'll go over now.

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Gonzo, thanks, I have opened a ticket for my immediate problem with launching executables from a UNC path.


I'm still interested in an answer to my original question about allowing "ignore" list entries for UNC paths and file names.



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They will be the best source of information for you on the subject.  I did alert them to your issue, so I hope there's a suitable resolution.

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