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A THANK YOU ! ! ! No longer and issue . .

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KUDOS to MBAM Community for having some very good instructions on how to remove an installation and reinstall to get rid of a Password that cannot be found.  Have spent the last 3-4 months looking for that password and never found one.


Your instructions for the use of MBAM-Clean are very well writen out and clear.  Just went through the procedure with no problem.  Can now access my settings and other parts that can be password protected.  Did a search on your Community site and found the best instructions ever, very clear and specific with warnings about UserID and KEY for reinstalling and registering.


Congratulations on a job well done ! ! !


Excuse me, wanted to change my Signature but cannot until nine (9) more posts are completed and approved.  My system is now Deill OptiPlex 960 Win7 Pro latest updates and all working better now.



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Thank you for reading my post and sending me a message.  Some Forums have taken days to get back when someone posts, rather busy? 


I am a little frustrated with µbarf (MS) there are many names for them.  Most I do not repeat nor say in public . . as long as I can stay away from them things seem to do better.  Most all of my problems are MINE, created by me and solved by me as well, well with a little HELP from some of these FORUMS.  They have taught me well . . if I can just remember the question that saved me with an answer from one of these forums.


Tried working in Linux for a few years, but; just too much complicated information that is required to remember and I am not a programmer in any form of that title.  Just a plain home user 'keyboard jockey' with an unlimited curiousity.  Has kept me going even with installing my own software on machines and assisting another when requested.


So far this Win7 SP1 seems to be very stable and can correct some of the issues by doing diagnosis and correcting most of the issues that have come across my screen. NO "BSOD" yet with this system.




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