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Database updates but won't scan on schedule

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We've been using Enterprise Edition for a couple of months now with general success however there are 4 clients with intermittent scanning problems. According to the enterprise console, their database signature is being updated daily in line with the other clients, however their last scan times for these are over a week ago. I've tried uninstalling the client software, deleting from the console, reinstalling, and the same routine but with WMI enabled. It seems to keep to the schedule for a few days then stops scanning. Our schedule is a flash scan every 2 hours, a quick scan once a day and a full scan once a week. 


The computers are definitely online and I've just tried to manually force a quick scan on these 4 clients, the status on the console changes to 'scanning' however they don't appear to actually scan and they're now just stuck in the scanning state without anything happening (the date stamp doesn't refresh either).


Our environment is Enterprise Console installed on x64 Windows SBS 2008R2, 20GB RAM, all clients running Windows 7 on new builds, G2130 3.2GHz processors with 6GB RAM. 


Any ideas?

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These are now showing in 'Online' again but the last scan time is still not updated.


Looking in further detail there is a correlation between the last scan time and the last offline time (but this might be a red herring):

Client 1

Last Offline Time: 16/06/2014

Last Scan Time: 21/06/2014

Client 2

Last Offline Time: 12/06/2014

Last Scan Time: 17/06/2014

Client 3

Last Offline Time: 11/06/2014

Last Scan Time: 16/06/2014

Client 4

Last Offline Time: 10/06/2014

Last Scan Time: 15/06/2014

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Hi ReAgent,


For these clients, I would like to gather a SCCOMM log from them to see what is happening with their communication.


  1. Enable showing of hidden folders.
    1. In Vista/7 File Explorer, click on Tools > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
    2. In Win 8 File Explorer, click View and check "Hidden Items."
  2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\sccomm
  3. Please attach sccomm.log to a PM to me. 


Also, I would like to gather the local Malwarebytes scan logs as well.


Please download and run MBAM GrabFiles from the following link:
This will place a file on the desktop called "FilesGrabbed.zip."  Please PM this to me.
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