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After most recent update, MBAM seems different from before

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I am alerted automatically whenever there is an update to install. This past weekend, I clicked on the alert to perform the update, which it did. Afterwards, I launched the program to do a scan. I noticed 3 things:


1. The interface looked totally different. Instead of the gray scheduler screen, a yellow and white screen came up with no scheduler info.


2. It immediately began scanning, without my requesting a scan. (It used to do nothing when launched, and simply waited for me to click a command button.)


3. There seemed to be only one level of scan, unlike previously when there were 3 different levels (fast scan, comprehensive scan, and something in between).


My main question is, is this what MBAM is supposed to look and act like now? I'm posting to verify this. Because the UI was unfamiliar and unexpected, I became alarmed and stopped the scan. I'm worried that I might have installed malware disguised as an MBAM update. If it turns out that these changes are legitimately part of the update, then I will run it again and poke around to find out how to use it. So I'm not asking for specific help with the new version - I just want to make sure that what I installed is actually MBAM. (Sorry, I don't have the version number handy, but I did the update yesterday or the day before, so it's THAT version.) Please let me know if you need more information.


Thank you!



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Yes the new version is totally different looking...


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Users Guide

Version 2.0

You can read the manual below to understand all functions of the new version....



Download PDF


NOTE: There is an FAQ section with valuable information located here:

Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

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