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So, why do I need this now?


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Yes I know is an option and I don't have to get it if I don't what too but why release another separate program from MBAM. I was assuming was safe with MBAM only and now this.....


Why isn't this protection Included with MBAM in the first place. I'm sure I'll get flamed for this but it seems like another way to get more money out of us...



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No need for flaming, it is a completely valid question.


Malwarebytes has always taken the approach of providing complementary products to existing solutions, especially for features that are typically lacking in traditional antivirus and security solutions. In the case of MBAM it is detection and disinfection of zero-day malware. In the case of MBAE it is detection and blocking of zero-day exploits. Both these areas are notably lacking in your typical Symantec/McAfee/TrendMicro/etc offerings and this is why Malwarebytes is so awesome.


But at the same time the approach is a layered approach, i.e. if you want to increase protection against zero-day malware, install MBAM. If you want to increase protection against zero-day exploits, install MBAE. Some people (especially in corporate environment) might prefer or have to keep their McAfee and just need/want MBAE and not MBAM. It is their choice. Personally even if you have MSE/Norton/McAfee etc I would still suggest you have both MBAM and MBAE as those traditional products are known to lack in these areas, but at the end of the day it's up to you what type of protection you feel comfortable with.

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MBAM protects you by detecting and neutralizing file-based threats and memory-related processes.  It uses a combination of heuristics and signatures to do this.  Think of it as protecting the "what" of malware.  MBAM doesn't necessarily know how the malware will do its evil.


MBAE protects you by shielding apps that are prone to vulnerabilities, which also causes them to be prone to exploits.  MBAE goes after the "how" of malware.  If you know how something attacks, you don't need to worry about what it is, only that it shouldn't be trying to do what its doing.  No signatures are needed for MBAE to do its job.

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