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I am always on the look out for software that will help protect my computer.  Since I work with authors sometimes I can stumble upon a site (their site usually) that has been hacked or where I type in the URL wrong.  I did not know about MBAE until I had a problem with MBAM.  I found this program while waiting on Maurice Naggar.  When I say I was waiting he was on line answering questions about problems. 

When someone (mods, admin) on support forums takes their personal time to answer questions and help fix problems I do not like to keep them waiting. 

I downloaded the free version of MBAE to try out.  I figured it had to be wonderful since I have used MBAB since 2010/2011.  I was planning on budgeting in the expense for MBAE in July.  Since I only need to protect one computer not three I figured I would be fine with the free version until premium purchase.  Well after the wonderful support provided by Maurice Naggar & 1PW those 2 books I was planning on buying will wait until July.  When two people like Maurice and 1PW go above and beyond helping someone I know for a fact that they are working for/with a company that deserves my money more than Amazon. 

Even in my support thread I stated I was not tech savvy.  These two people ask questions (and answered) without making me feel like an idiot because I am not tech savvy.  Tech support forum's need more people like these two helping non-techie people like me.  Koodus to these two wonderful people for the support they provided or 2-bunny ears up.


Once again thanks for MBAM and I so look forward to enjoying the protection I know MBAE will provide.


The bunnies throw carrot and parsley confetti and honor each of you all by promising to try and not eat any computer cables for the rest of the month. :D :D

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I just downloaded the free version on windows 7 and 8 and I am so far very impressed with this program, I will continue to test and if all goes well I will tell all my clients about it and also purchasing the pro including myself

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