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Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit User's Guide


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I know this is question may seem silly, but I will more secure with an answer


I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for a long time and I have come to trust it - I recommend it to others.


I just installed the Anti-Exploit Premium version and am a bit confused on using it.


1. Should I leave Malwarebytes Premium installed?  (I did uninstall it after I installed the Anti-Exploit version

2. Are updates automatically downloaded and installed? - Will I be notified when this is done.

3. I did not see any Scan or Update option

4. Is there or will there be a user's document that describes the use of this version?

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I will jump to the last part first.  There is a guide.  I know because I wrote it.  Please send me a private message (look for the envelope at the top right of this screen) with your email address, and I will get it to you.  That should be on the web site, and it appears that it didn't get listed there.  I will not be able to get to it until Monday, but I will make sure that I do it then if you get me your email address.  Now on to the other questions...

  1. If you are referring to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, yes...leave it installed.  Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit work differently and go after different attack vectors.  If you have both, you should use both.
  2. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit does not require updates, because there are no signatures to update.  There may be program updates.  If that is the case, watch the forums.  There is currently an experimental build which has been made available to interested users.  It is newer than the released version.
  3. There are no scans or updates on Anti-Exploit.  You shield specific applications with Anti-Exploit...applications which are commonly used, and which are sometimes exploited due to weaknesses.  You can also Add Shields to programs which are not listed by (a) giving the program to be shielded a "nickname" that will be displayed, (b) Specifying its executable filename, and © Choosing the profile which best fits the application.
  4. Last question was answered first so I could get my wincing out of the way :)

I look forward to that private message from you, and I'll follow up with you then.

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if there is a user's guide to MBAE "that should be on the website", I think the more prudent solution --- rather than e-mailing users a private copy by request --- would be to get the guide up on the website ASAP, and then alert everyone to its existence.

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  • Staff

Mike's guide will be included in a future release of MBAE inside the installer. The problem with posting the guide on the website is that it is in CHM format and Windows automatically disallows viewing the content of a CHM file when it is downloaded from an unsafe location (web, email attachment, etc.). So you have to first save it to disk and then double-click from the disk to open it. Even if posted in a ZIP file, opening the ZIP from the web and then opening the CHM inside it will result in the same empty content problem.


I'm posting it here but remember that if you open it directly from the web it won't work.


EDIT: download the attached ZIP file, uncompress the CHM to Desktop, right-click on the CHM file and click Properties and then click Unblock.


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I downloaded the .ZIP file, saving it to disk.   I extracted its contents, getting the .CHM file.   But when I click on it, the content still appears empty.


I also tried copying the .ZIP file to another location, and then extracting.   Same thing.


I know you said we'd have this problem if we opened it directly from the web... but even saving it first, the same thing is happening here.   Anyone else?


(I will try this on another machine in a while, to see if it's something just on this one...)

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