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MBAM 2.02 reboots my comp during heuristic scan

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As per title. I can't confirm whether a malware caused this (though I highly doubt so), but using back ver. 1.75 works. So now I'm sticking with 1.75.


Reboots details:
Comp screen went black after scanning a FIXED 120,XXX (don't remember exact) amount of items during heuristic scan. Rootkit scan OFF.

Comp then reboots itself shortly.

*MBAM no longer starts up. Double clicking .exe file yields no respond.

*Uninstalling and reinstalling causes lots of exception errors popping up.

*Using mbam-clean- and installing again works.

Same thing happens again during heuristic scan.


*Events marked with asterisk doesn't happen with premium trial mbam!




Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1, 64 bit

Intel i7-4810MQ



This computer is totally brand new. The first thing I installed is MBAM and there was no problem with the scan.

After installing various applications and tweaking certain system options here and there (I did these with all my comps), this problem starts.

I tried to back track a bit by undoing some of the tweaks which I simply guessed it may have affected it, without much knowledge, but to no avail.

A search at google shows that there are others having problems with heuristic scan as well after updating to 2.0+. If it's 2.0+ is really the problem, then I hope it can be fixed soon. Sorry this is as much info as I'm able to provide.

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Hello Hitokage and :welcome:

Normally we would request the following 3 steps to arrive at a clean re-install. If you are willing to return to MBAM 2.x we would request the full Microsoft 5-step CheckDisk utility be run and/or ask if you had been scanning within archives, and with which of the three types of available MBAM2 scans.

Please let us know, in a reply to this thread, if you are willing to return to MBAM 2.x and work with forum helpers and Malwarebytes staffers? If so, we can cooperatively plan a clean re-install strategy.

Thank You. :)

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