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I am really worried because I will not be able to afford another computer if I lose this.


So basically when I started up my computer this morning I noticed that all my files were gone and wouldn't load, a restart fixed this however. But I have a little red exclamation mark on my Malwarebytes. clicking on it had it say "Real Time Protection:

"No Protection" There's a fix now button but I have pressed it REPEATEDLY and to no avail, absolutely nothing happens. I have restarted my computer several times and it also cannot update, it fails to access the update server even though my internet is fine or I wouldn't be asking for help. Also, I have a gaming computer and have several thousands of files that yesterday, took roughly a nice 3 hour scan to complete. I have many huge ginormous games that hog up memory. I did a threat scan since I was worried about not being able to update, and suddenly from today, it took less than 2 minutes... That's faster than a hyper scan!!! Normally that'd be great! But that's not how it should work, I have tons of files and it took about 3 hours yesterday, I had website protection so I don't know why I would get a website virus, I am really worried and whether or not this is a big deal I am terrified. All my files are intact so there's no reason for this.


I am also a premium member so I should have the best protection


Please HELP!!!






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Hello TheBurkinator4 and :welcome:

Let's begin here:

Please let us know, in a reply to this thread, if the above steps have helped you with your issue.

Thank You. :)

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once I uninstall Malwarebytes I am unsure of how to get it back, can you explain that to me?

In the instructions within Step 1 above, several hotlinks will take you to the official download service, box.com. If you wish, you can even download to a temporary folder from >>here<< before the clean re-install even commences.


I don't remember my information for my premium account.

If you are referring to your license ID and Key, they were sent to you via email if you purchased an electronic copy. If you purchased a physically boxed product from a retailer, your license ID and Key were within the physical box. If still they are lost but you purchased through the official Malwarebytes eCommerce partner cleverbridge, please proceed to:



I've lost my key/ID, how can I get it again?

To obtain your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license Key & ID, or to obtain a copy of your confirmation email, please contact our eCommerce partner, cleverbridge. The contact information is available at: http://www.cleverbridge.com/342/?scope=cuseco

Please be sure to provide as much of the following information as you can to customer service representative in order to retrieve your order information:

  • cleverbridge Reference Number
  • Date of purchase
  • Name used for purchase
  • Address used(if applicable)
  • Email address used
  • Form of payment used

If an electronic version was purchased through an independent on-line vendor, you must pursue the email retransmission of the license ID and Key through them.

Thank you.

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