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Kaspersky 2014 with MBAM vs Norton IS 20414, without MBAM

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Early in the morning, first thing I do is switching on my pc. I then continue to do all other things, having breakfast, etc.

After about an hour I get back to my pc and noticed the led of the disc drive is on constantly. Every day the same.

When I check out the taskmanager and check out the [Resource Monitor] I see numerous instances of Kaspersky and MBAM running. Just alt-ctrl-del, or rightclick the taskbar, that takes almost 30 seconds, before anything is happening. Everything is sooo slow. Now, after being busy for a few minutes, one way or the other a lot of processes disappear from the list and the pc is more responsive.


Launching Firefox and browsing isn't very fast, but 'acceptable'.


However . . .

the day before yesterday, for one reason or the other, I had to restore a windows image.

The image had no  AV software neither MBAM.


After the restore and updates, I installed Norton IS 2014, but  nót MBAM.


Yesterday morning and this morning the 'disc activity'-led showed  -no- activity!

Nothing... Maybe just once in a while for a few seconds at most, softly. This was how it was in the past.


I checked out the task manager->resource monitor, disk-tab, sorting on activity: no Norton! (nis.exe)

With Kaspersky there was only avp.exe and avpui.exe (roughly 120-130 threads)

plus mbam.exe and mbamservice.exe roughly 70-80 threads.


Everything is going smooth as it should be.


I intend to re-install MBAM Premium now, but maybe I should disable real time protection?




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Hello mbw62:
Real-time protection is without a doubt one of the finest features within Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and disabling it is always strongly discouraged.
If you do experience significant slowing, you may simply require exclusion entries in your Anti-Virus application, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, or both so as to mitigate scanning conflicts.
Please read the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware User-Guide. Malware Exclusions.


Thank you.

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If u have a low spec PC running both KIS and MBAM u can try go to MBAM setting and delay startup

Try to disable unnecessary startup application to reduce on the ram and cpu usage which could likely cause this problem of slow startup

I am running on 8gb ram and i experience high cpu usage especially during startup largely main to real time protection by both MBAM and KIS14, after a minute everything goes back to normal. Or you could also wait till a few minute before logging into your desktop which works for me

Hope this helps you

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Thanks again.


Will keep an eye on it. My pc is a bit out of date - does not have SSD. It does have 8GB and RAID,0 and normally things are running fairly smoothly.

I installed MBAM yesterday - excluded folders NIS/MBAM v.v.

This morning, same scenario as always, switch on pc, go doing other things, getting back after about an hour,  I noticed some disk-activity (more than yesterday).

However, I could bring up the taskmanager-source monitor reasonably quick


Hardly any services running (when sorting on disk activity, Ihad to scroll down to find NIS.exe)

MBAMservices.exe - also hardly any impact.




Anyway, that was different with Kaspersky.


see attachments.






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Just curious:

Is your issue resolved?

Are you running NIS or KIS on your system now?


MBAM Premium and KIS work just fine together.

If you are having problems, I have a few suggestions (as just another longtime home user of both products, not an expert):

  1. If you have not done so, I would run the Norton removal tool and reboot the computer to remove all remnants (KIS does NOT like installing or running on a system with leftovers from other AV products - it is very important to remove traces/drivers).
  2. Using Windows System Restore to roll back the system will often "break" security programs, such as KIS and MBAM.  If you have done a system restore and are having issues, then it would be a good idea to cleanly remove and then reinstall KIS.  Multiple helpful links to assist with that are at the forum here and here and here.
  3. The same is true for MBAM -- running system restore can also break its metadata.  In that case, a clean reinstall would be a good idea.  The instructions for that are here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
  4. Even though MBAM and KIS are compatible, the "best practice" method would be to cleanly uninstall MBAM first > reboot > reinstall/update/activate/configure KIS > reboot > cleanly reinstall MBAM, in that order.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daledoc1

Thanks for coming on this.

Sorry I forgot to update this thread.


a. I removed Kaspersky 2014 as one way or the other, in my case, it regularly led to my pc running 'sluggish' and sometimes I had to wait and wait and .. before things continue

b. installed Norton Internet Security 2014 and re-installed MBAM


All things are running smoothly.

I have taken a screencapture of Norton/MBAM combo - same way and time (after about an hour of pc-boot, see my 1st post).


pls find below





big difference eh...


I wonder how this looks like with others (KIS/MBAM combo)...


task mgr, then source monitor, the disk.


Anyway... timebeing I stick to Norton.


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I suspect that much of what you were seeing was the consequence of KIS and MBAM's having been messed up by the system restore and/or remnants of other AVs or security products on the system, as KIS and MBAM run just fine together when they are properly installed and configured.

While each computer is unique, I've been running that combination on multiple systems for many years, with no issues.


However, if you are happy with NIS instead, you should be fine with NIS + MBAM. :)


Thanks for the update.


Take care,

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