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Hello kybunnies:

All eligible Malwarebytes Anti-Malware owners could not possibly be upgraded at the same time probably due to limited server capabilities. Therefore upgrades were being made available on a gradual basis.

We are pleased that you are happy with the new version.


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Hello kybunnies:


I once read that the number of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware owners and users are in the tens of millions.


I'm not aware of what the official Malwarebytes Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are capable of.


We understand that your valuable time may not permit you to manually keep up with all updates and we do apologize for the delay. It's safe to say that as an owner, at least you were not unprotected till the upgrade.


Thank you.

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Hello and excuse the intrusion but I have been a MBAM user for a very long time and wanted to add my 2 cents.  What a great product and Malwarebytes has been a great service to the PC user community as a free/low cost resource to fight the bad guys.  I understand the need to create Pro and start making some money, go for it! 


The transition has been a bit confusing for the many people that I have setup on Malwarebytes as most of them are not very computer savvy.  A bit more of an explaination on the new setup that automatically occurs when the old format is updated would be nice. The automatic trial check creates panic when they see the "trial ending".  It would have been better to make oping in an explicit decision rather than a default. 


Even though you say you have designed around other AV products to run concurrently with no conflict, everyone is constantly updating and that possibility exists in the future, if not already.  I personally prefer to manually execute my virus scans when nothing else is running and make this a special event.  I do not like multiple products lurking in the background, checking things constantly as this is an overhead that slows the machine down. This was the reason I chose Malwarebytes to start with.  All the other guys wants to run constantly, gumming up my computer.   My latest laptops have ultra HD screens (Lenovo Yogi & Dell XPS15) and the new interface gets presented unfavorably, sometimes unreadable.  Because I have so many computers, I would prefer a license assigned to me, not my computer.  I can only use one at a time, so makes sense that I should be able to load it on as many computers that I own.  Sure, someone else could use my PC but, I am the one who maintaines it and a guest will not likely be running virus cleaners.  Your old "load and shoot" product was clean and simple to use yet effective.  The Pro product is beginning to look more complex and require better understanding to configure all the bells and whistles.  Create your Pro for those who enjoy the constant survailance and additonal complexity. Please keep the simpler, effective manual product around for those of us who came to love you in the beginning. We would be happy to pay a license fee to keep that.

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Thanks for your feedback.
MBAM 2 underwent a lengthy and extensive period of beta testing before its release ~5 months ago.

Several GUI changes have already been made.
Further refinements to the UI/UX have been promised for future releases.
As far as this item is concerned:

Because I have so many computers, I would prefer a license assigned to me, not my computer.  I can only use one at a time, so makes sense that I should be able to load it on as many computers that I own.

If I understand you correctly, that always has been and continues to be the case.

The license is attached to you, not to your computer.

A consumer, lifetime, 1-PC license can only be activated on PC at a time, but it can be transferred to a different computer (though NOT to a different user).

The new, consumer, subscription licenses can be used on up to 3 PCs at a time, and they, too, can be transferred to a different system.



There never has been (and likely will never be) a consumer license that offers an unlimited number of simultaneous activations on different computers -- that would be tantamount to giving away a paid product for free?


Thanks again,

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