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MBAM “has stopped working” and will not update or run after trying FAQ suggestions

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Thank you in advance, for any assistance you may provide me!


I admit it, I messed up :wub: . I was duped into clicking a link in a spam email that looked like it was from a family member. Link (obviously) did not work, and now I think I’m infected. This is in my 6 month old W7 64bit Laptop.


Having used MBAM successfully on other computers, I downloaded & installed (successfully) the free version.


When I try to run MBAM though any method, it always starts by trying to update, and within 1 second it fails and says:

                “ Malwarebytes anti-malware has stopped working.  Windows is checking for a solution”


I have first spent quite a bit of time trying the suggestions on the forum, and in particular the ideas from post FAQ - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware won't run or failed to resolve my issues”


              Which is at this Link:       Click here


I have tried a clean uninstall of MBAM, Chameleon install of MBAM, Chameleon to run MBAM, Rkill,  and tried everything at least twice!


MBAM always failed during the update, which happens first. Then tried MBAR Root kit, which did run and found no problems.


So, that leads me to post here.


I have attached the files that are requested in the instructions.


Please help me out, when you can!


Thanks again,





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My problem was solved a couple days ago. Please read and try the steps in the link I provided above, and if that does not work, post on the forum in a new thread. Just like I did. I was contacted directly by someone that knows what they are doing, who provided me a very simple solution. It took a couple days to hear back, because they are no doubt very busy.


Good luck!

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