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Freezing while updating or scanning

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Hi. First off, apologies if this is difficult to read - I've been up late the last two nights attempting to fix my machine.


Anyway, my notebook is infected. Among other symptoms, the malware has shut down my firewall and virus protection - my computer is completely naked. Therefore, I'm posting this from a family member's machine. I installed Malwarebytes as one of my first responses - I know how effective it is - but it won't run properly. If I install it and run, it freezes about ten seconds into the updating process. If I try to import the database (rules.ref and database.conf, right?) from an uninfected machine and the attempt to run a scan, it goes about three seconds, according to the timer, and then says the database is corrupt. If I then go to the Malwarebytes ProgramData folder, it's near-empty. The subfolders and some of their content is still there, but every file in the root Malwarebytes folder is gone.


I've been running Chameleon - none of them trigger. I've done this in normal Windows, in Safe Mode with Networking, in Safe Mode without Networking and attempting to import the database - with a Cleaner run between each install, to make sure, as the program is useless after one attempt.


I've run two Chkdsks, they both found the same 44 reparse records. I attempted to run the specificed defrag.bat (yeah, I know that's advice for MBAM 1, I was willing to try anything), but all that batch file did was bring up a command prompt that endlessly entered 'defrag "C:"' without doing anything any of the times.


I've run the rkill thing, it found no problems (by the way, rkill.pif leads to a 404).


I've also tried a dozen other things with other programs and things, and nothing's worked. I need this computer to work, haven't backed up nearly recently enough, and used to work at a computer repair place, so I'm feeling pretty pathetic about not being able to fix my own computer this time.


Any advice?



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I would like to apologize for the delay and ask if you still need help with this?


Nah, ended up ripping out the hard drive, putting it in an external enclosure, and running copious amounts of scans from another machine - cleared it up, but left enough corrupted files and missing crucial stuff that I backed up my stuff, formatted and reinstalled - interestingly, one of the items that was broken after the cleaning was MBAM, which was still acting like it did when the machine was infected.

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S'okay - it was a challenge, and not one I solved to my satisfaction - but I have a working computer, and almost all my files, and all it cost me was time. So, I count that as a win - although not a perfect one, but I need to be less of a perfectionist anyway.

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